Your HP Proliant Warranty Is Expiring Soon: What Should You Do?

After discovering your End of Life or End of System Life date on your HP servers, you’re probably wondering what to do.

1.       Should you extend your HP Carepack Warranty with the manufacturer?

2.       Should you reduce your annual/monthly post warranty costs by finding a third-party IT maintenance company?

In this article, I am going to present the advantages in switching to a 3rd party HP maintenance provider and share an example of how an Abtech customer has really benefitted from doing so.

After your original HP Proliant warranty expires, you will have the opportunity to upgrade and gain improved maintenance support. Servers are bound to fail, stall, or shutdown. They get old, collect dust, and slow down over the years of helping you operate your business.

Here’s how Abtech Technologies can alleviate your stress during a post-warranty HP Server Maintenance Upgrade:

  • Cost: You will save 50-70% on support.
  • Flexibility: You will choose a service that best matches your business needs.
  • Skills and Experience: You will have highly experienced US-based engineers in your area to assist you 24/7.
  • Parts Availability: You will have a large spare parts inventory for backup as one of your package options.
  • Options: You will have 100% support for systems no longer carried by manufacturers.

Let me give you a timeline to demonstrate how Abtech has helped a public office grow their efficiency in upgrading IT hardware and support:

2014: We moved from HP support to Abtech for 40 x HP Proliant G4 and G5 servers.

2015: We added 10 x HP Proliant G6 servers.

2016: We added 10 x HP Proliant G7 servers.

2017: We added 10 x HP Proliant G8 servers.

2018: We are currently  70 x HP Proliant G4/5/6/7/8 servers with 45 x HP Proliant G9 servers with Abtech acting on their behalf to manage HP warranty service calls.


Our partnership began in 2014 when a harsh blizzard hit the East Coast. A frustrated municipal organization was receiving bad press for their city’s Mayor being unable to send and receive emails. Due to inclement weather and remote OEM warranty services, the Mayor’s Office was restricted from receiving replacement parts and onsite technician assistance for several days. As a result of this experience, the Mayor’s Office IT staff asked the OEM to provide onsite spares and remote support for their mission critical servers. After endless negotiations and red tape, the Mayor’s Office elected to drop OEM support and move to Abtech support services. We provided a deep stock of replacement parts onsite for their Data Center. They decided to gain 7x24x365 remote and local onsite support from our OEM-certified Service Engineers.

When it was time for a system refresh, the Major’s Office wanted to keep the proven support model for their new server infrastructure. Abtech and the Mayor’s Office worked together on purchasing new servers to minimize the cost of maintenance. With careful evaluation, the client selected the lowest level of OEM warranty support while also continuing the same Abtech services:

  • 4-Hour Onsite Customer Engineers
  • Onsite Spares
  • 7x24x365 Remote Support

Today, we provide the Mayor’s Office with a weather-proof support solution the OEM could not uphold. We have extended the service life of their critical IT infrastructure from across 5 generations of HP Proliant servers; Gen 5, Gen 6, Gen 7, Gen 8, and Gen 9. Going forward, we will continue to keep this client connected and secure.

With this service example in mind, we are proud to extend our support! We can certainly create a plan together that will best fit your business. When you discover a 3rd Party hardware maintenance company like Abtech, you are upgrading to better warranty service as well as better IT support. Don’t allow your HP Carepack to expire. If you do, you cannot get the same warranty agreement as before. In fact, you’ll get a more expensive offering that includes less warranty perks. And even more annoying, you may end up with having to self-diagnose IT failures, search online for parts, and wait additional time to receive them. Maintenance issues can be a grueling process and a lot can go wrong if you do not have the extra support to assist you with upgrading, replacing, or repairing server parts.

Therefore, let Abtech be your problem solver.

Your warranty services with Abtech Technologies will pay off.




Abtech Marketing

Abtech Marketing

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