Why Use a Managed IT Services Provider?

Organizations are continually facing challenges in scaling and managing their information technology infrastructure while effectively reducing costs. 

It is not always easy to find the right skills, especially when you may only want access to those skills for a short period of time.

This is where a Managed IT Services Provider can make the difference.  Engaging with an experienced Managed IT Services Provider, gives your business  access to a team of people, with a wide range of skills, for much less than the cost of hiring one additional employee.

Also, if you find that your current IT team is busy keeping your critical IT systems running, outsourcing these tasks to a Managed IT Services Provider can free them up to concentrate on helping the business grow and be more efficient. 

After all, isn't that why you invested in IT systems in the first place?

Abtech Technologies, Managed IT Services can provide all these benefits.  Whether you just need access to skills and tools to help your team, or you need us to manage your entire IT operation, we can help.

Key Benefits of working with Abtech Technologies

  • Access to a wide range of skilled people for less than the cost of a single new hire.
  • Access to leading monitoring tools to identify issues and manage them before they affect your business.
  • All our technical staff are US-based, local to your offices. 
  • We offer a wide range of service models so you can choose what is right for your business. 
  • 30 years experience of working with clients large and small across the US.
  • "One stop shop." We offer a complete IT service portfolio.  If you need it, we can probably provide it.

What Our Customers Like About Working with Abtech Technologies


Here is what our customers say they value about using Abtech as their Managed Services Provider:

Responsive: A Managed IT Service Provider that is always available and can respond to issues with the right people, not a complex call escalation system.

Proactive: A Managed IT Service Provider that can advise them on potential issues and also keep them up to date with the latest technologies that can benefit their business.

IT Skills: A Managed Service Provider with well-trained engineers with practical experience in a wide range of technologies.  

One Stop Shop:  Managed Service Provider that offers a wide range of complementary products and services, so they don't have to shop around different vendors.

Accountability: A Managed Service Provider that can provide a consistent point of contact for when a strategic conversation is needed or to advise on improvements.

    Complementary Services

    Here are some of the additional services that Abtech provides for our customer, when needed:

    • Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services
    • Hardware Support Services
    • Cloud Hosting Services
    • Remote System Administration for UNIX and Linux systems
    • Office and Data Center Relocation Services
    • Partnerships with leading IT vendors, including:  Dell EMC, Quest Software, Microsoft, VMware and Red Hat.

    Abtech provides all this and more, which is why we keep out customers.  We see them as partners and they see us the same way.

    Abtech Managed Services

    Success Stories


    Design, Deploy and Manage - Abtech provides a National Defense Contractor with a complete IT infrastructure and ongoing IT managed service for new research facility, including:  servers, network, storage, wi-fi, phones, rack and power.

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    Virtualization and Exchange Upgrade for County Sheriff's Office.  Abtech provides a new virtual IT platform including, Exchange migration to Office 365,  local backup and cloud disaster recovery service for County Sheriff's Office.

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    Providing services to meet every IT need to complement ongoing managed IT services for a auto dealership franchise.  Services include:  Virtualization, security monitoring, desktop roll out, wireless LAN deployment and multi-site disaster recovery project.

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