What to do when EMC announces that your storage array is “end of support.”

EMC, like many hardware manufacturers, would much rather you replace your old storage array with a shiny new one. To encourage you to do this, they gradually end support on other products. Currently their Clariion range is the target for this process. Anyone with a CX3, CX300, CX4 or CX400 series Clariion array should take a look at the tables below and make note of the EMC end of support dates. However, not everyone is has the budget, or desire to replace their Clariion array. it may be performing perfectly well and meeting the needs of the business. In this case, 3rd party support is a good option. 3rd party EMC maintenance providers, like Abtech Technologies, can provide high quality hardware maintenance to extend the life of Clariion storage arrays. They have large parts inventories and highly skilled engineers, in most cases trained by EMC themselves.

Users of Celerra storage arrays, should also look at the 3rd party maintenance option. Many older units are coming off EMC support and those that are still supported command a high support cost from EMC. After all, they would prefer to have that new hardware sale, so they aren’t going to offer cheap support. A 3rd party provider can be up to 70% cheaper. This can free up a large piece of a maintenance budget for other things.

We hope you find these charts useful. If you would like to know more about Abtech’s EMC maintenance services, feel free to reach out. Call us on 1-800-474-7397 or info@abtechtechnologies.com and ask about EMC support services. You will be pleasantly surprised what we can offer you.

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