Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

What is a Network Security Assessment?

A network security assessment is an audit that is designed to find vulnerabilities in your network. An improperly secured network can be compromised, resulting in harm to business operations and leaks of sensitive data. Vulnerabilities can come in various forms and are constantly changing with new technology, viruses, and applications. Network security should be a top priority for all organizations and encompass internal, external, and social vulnerabilities.

Goals of a Network Security Assessment

  • Determine the viability of a specific set of attack vectors.
  • Identify if a combination of lower-risk vulnerabilities could be exploited in a particular sequence to create a high-risk weakness.
  • Identify weaknesses that are difficult or impossible to detect with an application vulnerability scanning software.
  • Audit and measure the size of potential impacts of successful attacks from both inside and outside of the company.
  • Test the viability of network defenders to detect and respond to attacks.
  • Provide evidence to support increased investments in IT or network security.

There Are Two Major Types of Network Security Assessments:

Vulnerability Assessment

The purpose of a Vulnerability Assessment audit is to look at the security of your network from both outside and inside the network. Reports will be produced based on network weaknesses as individual parts and as a whole. Areas of risk will be highlighted and changes will be suggested.

Penetration Testing

The purpose of a Penetration Testing audit is to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain access to your network, servers, and resources.

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The Vulnerability Assessment is a great way to find weaknesses and areas of risk within your network, but a Penetration Test will test the true strength of your network security. — Abtech Technologies

Why do you need it?

A Network Security Assessment is a necessity for businesses for several different reasons. For Example, any business that must be in compliance with HIPAA must be able to prove that its network is secure. Most public organizations will also need to prove they have a secure network. Other businesses see network security as a top priority and will do what it takes to have a secure network.

What else should you know?

Most companies want a vulnerability assessment to show them where their basic weaknesses are. Pen tests are more in-depth and time-consuming. A vulnerability test may be sufficient to identify weaknesses and implement solutions to reinforce the security of the network. In some cases, a full penetration test needs to be performed in order to prove the true security of the network.

Although penetration testing software attempts to penetrate your network, it is not running active code that could be harmful. Implementing a pen test is secure as long as the vulnerability is kept within the company and not in a place where hackers can access it. It is important that you use an IT professional who is very experienced in network penetration testing and security audits.

Using an end-to-end IT solutions provider like Abtech Technologies is the right choice. We can provide the appropriate network security assessment, identify vulnerabilities in your network and implement any changes needed to correct them. Abtech Technologies can provide this service for any type of organization and can also ensure that your network meets the specifications needed to be in compliance with HIPAA, PCI, SSAE16, and others.

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