UNIX and Security

During the Bell Labs days, the UNIX environment was designed by programmers, for programmers, within an open, non-private environment. These programmers worked together on their projects and shared their files with each other, to resolve problems, without any thoughts about security.

Soon, universities and corporations began to install UNIX and added new features, in their own labs and data centers, allowing users to start using this new operating system; all this, without any real regard for security. Some of the more worrisome security oversights were related to networking (remote login, remote command execution, network file systems, diskless workstations, email, etc.). These features opened up opportunities for unauthorized access to the operating system.

When looking to secure a UNIX environment, it is recommended to start with the following three main areas of work:

1.       Account Security

2.       Network Security

3.       File System Security  

After doing an in depth analysis on the above, there are other features that should be reviewed to further secure the environment.

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