The Essential Steps for your IT Relocation Project

IT relocation needs technical proficiency and progressive planning. The lifeblood of any firm is IT equipment and business phones. With the help of an expert in IT relocation from IT firms, the transfer of these services makes it simple and easy. IT and communication systems are vital for a company to operate effectively.

If IT relocation is not properly planned, then the business will start to lose money. A business is unable to operate without using IT equipment. That’s why Abtech technologies provide IT relocation services to the smooth flow of communications of your business. It is an IT Relocation Company. IT relocation is a multi-step process. It requires to be wisely organized. It is essential to plan data center relocation services either your IT department includes one person or you have a team of IT providers. Planning your IT relocation is not an easy task. It is not something that you need to move in pending task lists. One thing you should keep in mind IT relocation services requires long head installation processes and it requires a complete familiarity with all IT systems of your company. 

In this article, the essential steps for the IT relocation project will be deliberating. By following these steps one can securely and skillfully relocate IT systems with a minimum period. 

  1. Advance Planning of IT Relocation
  2. Evaluation of Equipment
  3. Assess Communication & Telecommunication Requirements
  4. Manage a Checklist for your Site Visit
  5. Data Protection
  6. Become Prepared for Moving Day
  7. Moving In & Getting Set Up

Step 1: Advance Planning

Several tasks must take place earlier for IT relocation. The essential point is the cabling requirements at the relocated place. With the help of your IT department or your IT support partner, this can be easily done.

All internet service providers, carriers, and technology vendors will be informed when the relocation date is confirmed. Once you have a move date, all carriers, internet service providers, and tech vendors will need to be informed. It’s good to do this process at least two months before the exact date as it is associated with long periods. Abtech Technologies offers IT relocation services with minimal downtime.

Step 2: Evaluation of Equipment

For the evaluation and update of IT equipment, the office move is a good time. This is possible if it comprises of ageing infrastructure. It is necessary to follow the below-mentioned step for the evaluation of equipment:

  • This procedure begins with the formation of an inventory of all present equipment. This step is important to know about the needs of the current IT setup and your business.
  • After this step, create a list of upgrading or replacing equipment. Return of any leased equipment to the provider, if needed. Further, appropriately dispose of old or broken equipment if required. Lastly, evaluate the server room requirements.

Step 3: Assess Communication & Telecommunication Requirements

To access requirements of telecommunication at your new location, it is the best idea to do so with the expected business progress over predictable forthcoming’s in mind.

For the business requirements, your relocated IT project must consist of suitable cables and an IT framework. If you do not have these requirements, it requires you to be focused before relocating.

Some of the queries you must be inquiring are:

  • Where are the power outlets and how many you are needed?
  • Presently, how many phone lines are accessible?
  • How many Cat5/Cat6 cables are required?

Along with these available power and cabling, the new internet connection needs to be established at relocated place. Consideration of the best phone system is also necessary. An IT relocation is considered as a good opportunity with new telecom offers. It helps to shop around for ideal telecommunication contact and system.  

Step 4: Manage Checklist for your Site Visit

When you know your communication requirements, you will have a better indication to pay attention during your site visit. The essential step for the planning of IT relocation is a site visit. You should complete this step with an IT support provider for better outcomes. The server hub must also be evaluated to confirm the least necessities for electrical, security, and dimension will be met.

Step 5: Data Protection

We cannot escape from the fact that the relocation of IT project considers unavoidable risks. With full preparation, you can minimize your risk. For example, your moving truck was met with an accident and as result, this damaged your IT equipment. As a result of this damage, all your data has been lost. To avoid these types of risks, you should take precautionary measures before moving. The very first thing you can do before relocating is to make several copies for the backup of data. These backups should be stored securely and apart from the main system should be moved to a new location safely. This will allow a full recovery of all data in case of any misfortune.

Step 6: Become Prepared for Moving Day

It is a complex task to the physical transportation of IT equipment. To consider this complex nature of the equipment, expert handling and transit security are vital. It is suggested to avail the services of an IT support provider carry out this part.

Getting ready for moving day, you should be considered the following points:

  • You should transport your backup data securely to the new location.  
  • You must verify all data cables to be correctly labelled. 
  • A contact list of everyone who is involved in relocation should be composed. 
  • You must circulate correct information for methods of equipment shut down.

Step 7: Moving In & Getting Set Up

The last step is the most difficult part of this process. To avoid future complications, it is important to complete this step accurately. For this, you should do partnering with an IT service provider. They have complete responsibility to complete the set up for you. It is a strain-free and efficient way to relocate your IT project plan.

Finally, after all, stages are completed, it’s time to create a setup checklist. It’s consists of the following things:

The very first thing is to test each new network connection. Arrange cables and equipment in their proper areas. After it, start the servers and test the phone features.

It is useful to finalize work with the guidance of the IT Support Company. It will ensure that your IT operations are working effectively and without any complications.   

Where Technology Meet Your Business Needs

For the success of your business, your IT setup is the vital fuel. After the smooth setup of your IT equipment, your productivity and success of a business rely upon it. Major pitfalls i.e. operational and financial will occur if you fail to execute your IT system properly.

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