The best way to mitigate damage from a cyber-attack.

Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

Cybercrime has been dubbed the largest transfer of wealth in history. According to Accenture, cybercrime will put $5.2 trillion worth of global wealth at risk over the next five years. Regardless of the industry or size of the organization, Cyber-attacks constantly put businesses at risk of loss of revenue, loss of customer confidence, reputational damage, and expensive regulatory fines even bankruptcy.

Between 2020 and 2021, the average data breach cost rose almost 10%, reaching $4.24 million. This is the highest growth rate seen in the past seven years, according to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach 2021 report. Trying to prevent cyber-attacks is not enough. You must protect your critical data on the assumption that an attack WILL happen and WILL be successful.  To do this, you need at least the following:

  • You need an isolated copy of your critical data.
  • You need tools to scan that data for known threat patterns.
  • You need a good clean backup to recover from.

This is the only way you can be confident that your business can recover from a cyberattack.

Fortunately, there is a solution available. Dell Cyber Recovery. This article explains how it works and why it is so effective.

It's all about the data.

Without data and technology, modern companies cannot operate. While most businesses are aware of the value of having important data backed up in case of hardware failure or a natural disaster, many lacks proper security against cyberattacks from bad actors, who can also threaten financial ruin. Data must be safeguarded, kept private, and made available at all times because it is the currency of the internet economy.

What can happen in a cyber-attack?

Every single day Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated.  The ransom amounts being demanded are also growing.  In addition, the complexity of the modern business environment where data is in so many places and on multiple devices, opens many more targets.  Once within a network, cybercriminals have the ability to take mission-critical assets hostage, abruptly stopping operations. What is more concerning is that they may choose to leave the infection dormant for weeks or even months before they issue their ransom demands.  This often defeats a conventional backup solution, because a clean backup is either too old or not available.

What is CyberRecovery?

In essence, the Dell CyberRecovery solution has several key elements developed to protect your data:

Cyber Recovery Vault

The Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Vault provides resistance against cyber-attacks, even from an inside threat, by offering numerous layers of protection. It physically isolates sensitive information within a secure area of the data center, moves it away from the attack surface, and needs multifactor authentication in addition to separate security credentials to access.

An automated operational air gap, to enable network isolation is another measure of security. Data synchronization between production systems and the vault is automated by Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Vault, which creates immutable copies with locked retention restrictions. In the event of a cyberattack, you may rapidly locate a clean copy of the data, restore your vital systems, and resume your business operations.


Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery is the first solution to completely integrate CyberSense, which adds an intelligence layer of defense to help identify data corruption when an attack enters the data center.

Full content indexing is offered by this novel method, which also uses machine learning (ML) to examine more than 200 content-based statistics and look for ransomware-related symptoms of contamination. In the safety of the vault, CyberSense can detect corruption with up to 99.5% confidence, assisting you in identifying risks and diagnosing attack vectors while safeguarding your business-critical content.

Recovery and Remediation

After an incident using dynamic restoration processes Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery offers automated restore and recovery processes to bring business-critical systems back online rapidly and confidently.

Planning and designing a solution

We at Abtech Technologies, offer a thorough approach to safeguarding data and carrying out recovery procedures for your data.

Abtech Technologies is able to develop dependency maps for connected apps and services as well as the infrastructure required to recover them. It may also assist you in choosing which business-critical systems to safeguard. Along with identifying the technologies to analyze, host, and safeguard your data, the service also develops recovery needs, designs alternatives, and provides a business case and implementation schedule.

Cyber Recovery is more refined and modern than Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and cyber recovery are very different. While Cyber Recovery and Disaster Recovery designs share some components, Cyber Recovery systems have a few complex components that make them stand apart. Although a Disaster Recovery system is always connected to the production system for continuous online replication, both systems include compute, storage, networking, and a backup system replication destination. This means that if data in your production system is compromised, it’s likely that you’ve already replicated that compromised data to your disaster recovery system. As a result, this is a poor defense against a cyberattack.

What can I do to safeguard my Organization?

We offer data protection leaders four critical pieces of advice in response to the danger of more sophisticated ransomware, which is being launched by criminal and state entities worldwide:

  1. Discontinue easy network sharing procedures.
  2. Preserve the backup system, including copies of the backup data as well as the backup administrative panel.
  3. For administrative accounts, utilize multifactor authentication.
  4. Establish a solitary cyber recovery setting.

Is there a thorough cyber recovery strategy in place for your organization?

A question you and your IT personnel must ask.

While the causes and impacts may differ between natural and cyber disasters, the bottom line is that your business gets hurt. The best way to minimize and mitigate the damage is to be prepared. We are proud to be a VMware Advanced Partner, a Dell Technologies Platinum Partner, who is certified to design and implement Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solutions. After a cyberattack, Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery from Abtech make you confident that you can swiftly locate and restore known-good data and carry on with regular business activities.

Why is Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery necessary?

Ransomware is one of the most significant threats to enterprises, yet the nature and scale of ransomware assaults are frequently misunderstood, which results in insufficient defenses against ransomware and subpar reactions to successful attacks.

In the current environment, Gartner advises that “you can never be 100% certain that backup data isn’t infected with malware and must proceed from the assumption that backups have been affected.” This is because increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks are specifically targeting backup data and administrator functions.

Cyberattacks expose organizations to compromised data, lost productivity through downtime, and reputational harm constantly, regardless of the emphasis or size of an agency. As a result, business owners and officials are required to have a cyber recovery strategy.

Want to better protect your organization?

If your organization has critical cyber attack vulnerabilities today, we highly encourage that you and your team set up time with the Abtech Technologies Data Protection Team. We can efficiently map out your current environment, and help you best defend your data against the most prevalent threat actors out there.




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