Are you SSAE18 Compliance?

SSAE 18 Compliance​

Standards for Attestation Engagement No. 18 (SSAE18) is a third-party assurance audit for service organizations (revised version of SSAE16). This audit is internationally recognized and serves as a standard for service organizations around the world.

Having a clean SSAE 18 audit allows companies to compete on an international level and gives customers complete confidence in the business.

Service Organization Control (SOC) Reports:

SOC 1 is a report generated from an SSAE 18 audit performed by a specialized CPA. It focuses on internal controls over financial reporting within a service organization. SOC 2 & 3 take into account system security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. The table to the left shows the differences between SOC 1, 2, & 3 reports.

What can SSAE 18 do for your organization?

  • Confirm that procedures, controls, and processes are operating as intended.
  • Satisfy requirements that most public organizations need in order to do business with other organizations.
  • Provide standardized credibility.
  • Provide a third-party evaluation and consultation of financial reporting.
  • Use benchmarking to track progress.
  • Validate or remove the need for self-assessment.

Abtech Technologies provides best-in-class SSAE 18 audits for any service organization. It is important that you pick the right auditor; one that you can trust and one that will take the time to ensure your audit is valid and conclusive.