Remote Database Administration Services

If your Oracle, SQL server, MySQL or Informix database is critical to your business, but you dont have enough work or budget for a full-time database administrator, try Abtech’s remote DBA services.

Get access to a team of experienced DBA experts and consultants for less than the cost to hire a full-time DBA.

What's included

Performance Tuning

If your application is running slowly, or your users are complaining, it may be your database.

A database needs looking after like any engine. 


Our proven monitoring tools and scripts, will discover small issues, before they become big problems.


If something does go wrong, our team has the knowledge and experience to fix the problem so it doesn’t stop you doing business.


  • Application of critical patches
  • Phased patch rollout
  • Monitoring for any problems
  • Out of hours scheduling


  • Upgrades
  • Migrations
  • Clustering
  • Replication
Cloud Disaster Recovery Stortrust

Our Core Skills

What's Also Available

If your needs go beyond your database, we can help in many other areas


Abtech can design, supply and integrate all parts of your IT platform including:

  • Servers  
  • Storage  
  • Backup  
  • Network

Operating System and Virtualization

Your database and applications run on top of an operating system and sometimes a hypervisor.

We have the skills to deploy and manage these as well.


  • Upgrades
  • Migrations
  • Clustering
  • Replication
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Virtualization

Hardware Support

If you need to keep your IT systems beyond the manufacturers warranty, Abtech can save you cost by taking on the support.

Although our costs are lower, our service-levels are much higher than the manfacturer’s support, which is often outsourced.

Managed Services and Helpdesk

 If your IT team are spending most of their time dealing with IT system and user issues, that may not be the best use of their time.

Abtech has a team of IT specialists who have the systems and tools to do this much more efficiently.

What Our Clients Say


“Abtech really come through when it mattered. They got us back up and running so we could invoice a $10 million contract before the end of the year. If we hadn’t got that invoice out, the client would have lost their budget and we would have lost that income.”

-IT Director, National Defense Contractor


“When our main database server failed we called Abtech. They had us back up and running on their DR servers, with all our locations connected in less than 30 minutes. We were getting better performance on Abtech’s servers than on our own server.”

-Head of Operations, Retail Company


“When we were hit with Cryptolocker, we didn’t know what to do. Fortunately we had Abtech’s StorTrust Backup and Disaster Recovery service. We called them up and they were able to restore the infected systems with clean backups and we only lost 10 minutes or data.”

-CFO, California Construction Company


“When we needed a partner to provide the IT systems for our new building, Abtech was the only supplier that offered an end-to-end solution. They were able to design, supply and implement everything and are now managing the systems for us”

-Project Manager, Global Online Data Company

Our Service Portfolio

Choose just the services you need, or build an all-inclusive package.

StorTrust Presentation

24/7 On-Site System Support

We provide support for over 500 customers across the US. We support Servers, Storage, or Networking Devices.

big data - StorTrust Presentation

Consulting Services

Skills in Microsoft, VMware, SonicWALL, Red Hat Linux, UNIX, Oracle, Informix, Dell, and EMC Storage to name a few.


System Administration

Server and Network Monitoring and Administration. Cloud or On-Site Database Administration.

StorTrust | Abtech Technologies

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud backup and disaster recovery services. Use your existing backup solution. Full “white glove” service you can rely on.


Datacenter Solutions

Leading technology solutions from Dell and EMC. Server, Storage, Networking, and Converged Solutions.


Security Solutions

Malware training, vulnerability testing, penetration testing, managed anti-virus, and firewall solutions.

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Cloud Hosting Services

Public and private cloud hosting services. Fully secure and managed solutions. Highest level datacenters.

StorTrust Services

Software Licenses

We can provide licenses and subscriptions from leading vendors including: Microsoft, VMware, and Quest.