Relocation FAQ

Why should I use Abtech to move my data center?
Your time is valuable and your company needs your attention on the proper operation of your data center. Planning and executing a data center relocation is very time consuming, stressful and can take you away from critical tasks. In addition, there is always the risk of damage to equipment and injury to your employees. The professionals at Abtech have years of experience moving IT equipment. They understand the importance of the equipment arriving at the new location in the same condition it left the old location.

I already have engineers in my Data Center. What if I don’t need technical help for my relocation?
Every data center relocation is different. Abtech’s relocation specialist will provide a custom solution for your specific move, based on your requirements. We can handle everything from power down to power up, or we can simply do the ‘heavy lifting’. You decide how much you want to be involved in the process and Abtech’s relocation team will do the rest.

What if we are only moving a short distance?
Whether you are moving across town or across the country, Abtech has the team to make it happen. We provide both local and long distance relocation services.

Can Abtech deliver to a colocation facility?
Absolutely! Most colocation centers prefer to work with professionals such as Abtech. Your Abtech relocation specialist can obtain the requirements of your colocation center and make the arrangements to accommodate their specific requirements prior to moving day. No frustration no stress!

Does Abtech use ‘Air Ride’ trucks?
Yes! Abtech understands how valuable your equipment is and the importance of delivering each item in the same condition it was picked up. We have different size trucks depending on the size of the relocation. All trucks are carefully maintained and inspected before being dispatched.

What about Insurance?
Abtech offers insurance up to $5M in value. Your Abtech Relocation Specialist can also provide the required Certificates of Insurance to the landlord and vested parties at each location.

My landlord does not allow us to move during business hours. Can you come after 5 PM or on Saturday?
Of course! Abtech will coordinate the technical moving team to arrive when it is convenient for you. In addition, our technical movers can bring Masonite to protect the floors at the pickup location as well as the destination. Your Abtech Relocation Specialist can coordinate with the landlord at each location and make sure that all requirements are met.