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Quest NetVault is our choice of backup software for larger, heterogeneous IT environments. It scales massively and is used by many of the largest global organizations to protect their data. Its support for a wide range of operating systems, databases and applications make it ideal for more complex environments.

Abtech employs many of the most experienced NetVault consultants in the US, who can analyze your IT enviroment and recommend the best solution to meet your needs. We have successfully completed many large and complex NetVault implementations over a number of years.

NetVault Key Features

Reliably protect critical application data in physical and virtual environments

NetVault Backup offers advanced data protection for Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, Domino, SAP and Sybase as well as Hyper-V and VMware. No scripting is required to run online backup and recovery jobs

Get advanced data protection for information stored on network-attached storage (NAS) devices

NetVault Backup supports NAS devices made by Dell, EMC, Hitachi, IBM, NetApp and Sun. Schedule and recover NetApp snapshots through NetVault’s user interface, and improve backup speeds by transferring backup data over NDMP. NetVault Backup supports many different storage topologies and configurations.

Use backup storage that matches your restore SLAs, budget and retention policy

NetVault Backup supports a wide range of backup storage targets, including different types of disk-based storage, third-party deduplication appliances, and physical tape libraries. You can also avoid data transfers over the LAN by attaching a target storage device directly to a source server.

Reduce network traffic and your backup storage footprint with global deduplication

NetVault integrates seamlessly with the DR family of deduplication appliances, enabling you to take full advantage of the appliance’s global deduplication, compression and replication capabilities. Shrink backup windows and improve restore times, use source-side deduplication to reduce network traffic and efficiently send copies of your backup data offsite for disaster recovery.

Quickly recover an entire system after a catastrophic failure

NetVault’s Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) option simplifies and expedites the bare metal recovery process by automating most of the manual processes in rebuilding a server.


Learn more about NetVault

Quest NetVault
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StorTrust Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

“White Glove” Disaster Recovery Service.

Our clients trust it to protect their IT systems and their business from all forms of disaster.

  • No need to backup to tape for offsite storage.
  • No waiting for a week or more to have your system online.
  • No expensive replication software.
  • One low monthly cost
  • Minimal capital cost
  • Excellent RPO and RTO
  • Integrates with Quest Rapid Recovery and NetVault Software.

StorTrust Solution Summary

Quest Rapid Recovery Resource Page -Abtech Technologies

Local Backup and Recovery – Protect your business from data loss, ransomware and system failure using the local StorTrust appliance.

Quest Rapid Recovery

Remote Replication to the StorTrust Cloud – Offsite replication to our secure private cloud. Proects your data against local disasters.

Quest Rapid Recovery Resource Page

Full Business Continuity – We can spin your critical systems up so your users and customers can continue to work after a major disaster or site failure.

Quest Rapid Recovery Resource Page -Abtech

End-to-end disaster recovery service – Once your main site is back online, we will recover your virtual systems and data from the cloud to your local appliance.

Abtech Quest Partnership

Abtech is a leading Quest partner specialising in the following technologies

  • Data Protection
  • Systems Management
  • Database Management
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Database Migration
  • Software Assetmangment

Our team of consultants and engineers can help design and implement the solution you need.

Quest Backup & Recovery

Our Services

Choose just the services you need, or build an all-inclusive package

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24/7 Onsite System Support

We provide support for over 500 customers across the US. We support servers, storage or networking devices.

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Consulting Services

Skills in Microsoft, VMware, SonicWALL, Red Hat Linux, UNIX, Oracle, Informix, Dell and EMC storage to name a few.


System Administration

Server and Network monitoring and administration. Database administration. Cloud or on-premise.

StorTrust | Abtech Technologies

Cloud Backup and DR

Cloud backup and disaster recovery services. Use your existing backup solution. Full “white glove” service you can rely on.


Datacenter Solutions

Leading technology solutions from Dell and EMC. Server, Storage, Networking and Converged Solutions.


Security Solutions

Malware training, Vulnerability testing, penetration testing, managed anti-virus and firewall solutions.

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Cloud Hosting Services

Public and private cloud hosting services. Fully secure and managed solutions. Highest level datacenters.

StorTrust Services

Software Licenses

We can provide licenses and subscriptions from leading vendors including: Microsoft, VMware and Quest

What Our Clients Say


“Abtech really come through when it mattered. They got us back up and running so we could invoice a $10 million contract before the end of the year. If we hadn’t got that invoice out, the client would have lost their budget and we would have lost that income.”

-IT Director, National Defense Contractor


“When our main database server failed we called Abtech. They had us back up and running on their DR servers, with all our locations connected in less than 30 minutes. We were getting better performance on Abtech’s servers than on our own server.”

-Head of Operations, Retail Company


“When we were hit with Cryptolocker, we didn’t know what to do. Fortunately we had Abtech’s StorTrust Backup and Disaster Recovery service. We called them up and they were able to restore the infected systems with clean backups and we only lost 10 minutes or data.”

-CFO, California Construction Company


“When we needed a partner to provide the IT systems for our new building, Abtech was the only supplier that offered an end-to-end solution. They were able to design, supply and implement everything and are now managing the systems for us”

-Project Manager, Global Online Data Company