Dell EMC Data Protection

Get powerful data protection in a single appliance that is easy to deploy and manage — no matter where your data resides. An integrated appliance brings together protection storage and software, search, analytics, simplified management, and cloud readiness into one easy-to-manage location. The clean, intuitive interface of the IDPA (Integrated Data Protection Appliance) System Manager provides a comprehensive view of data protection infrastructure from a single dashboard.

Dell Cyber Recovery

Stay secure online by adding Dell’s Cyber Recovery solution to your cyber security infrastructure. Dell’s Cyber Recovery solution offers multiple layers of protection to provide resilience against cyber-attacks, even from an insider threat. It works by moving critical data away from the attack surface, physically isolating the attack within a protected part of the data center, then requiring separate security credentials and multifactor authentication to gain access. Dell’s Cyber Recovery solution will help protect you from devastating attacks with real-time cyber-attack detection, alerts, and reports. If a cyber-attack should occur downtime will be minimized by having in place automated restore and recovery processes.

VMware NSX-T Data Center

The Hybrid Cloud is clearly becoming core to mainstream enterprise IT infrastructure. Five years ago, there was a public cloud and there was a private cloud – and the line between them was stark. VMware has been working closely with the leading cloud providers to blur that line.

VMware Cloud Foundation

Through the standardized hardware and software architecture integrated into Cloud Foundation on VxRail, customers can build heterogeneous workloads. Using SDDC Manager, infrastructure building blocks based on native VxRail clusters are created that can scale up and out incrementally.