Abtech Consulting Project Examples

Other IT Projects

A national distributor and repair service of Semi-Trucks recently was supplied with two EMC VxRails by Abtech technologies. These were set up in their Phoenix and Los Angeles data centers. When the customer decided to close the Los Angeles Data Center, they approached Abtech to relocate the VxRail to a colocation facility in Phoenix. Abtech sent one of our Dell-EMC engineers to the LA office to decommission the VxRail and pack it ready for our relocation team to move it to Phoenix. We also had an engineer re-install the VxRail in the colocation center in Phoenix ready for our VMware specialist to rebuild the VxRail using the new network settings. This is a complex operation and needed specialist expertise. Fortunately, Abtech has this expertise available.

A national Brewer located in the Pacific North West region of the United States recently purchased another company and needed to consolidate the two organizations’ email platforms. At the same time, they needed to transition from their Exchange Server from a hosted Exchange provider to Office 365. The Head of IT had worked with Abtech on an IT project at a previous employer and had been very happy with the work we did, so he reached out for help with this project. Abtech’s engineers successfully migrated 250 mailboxes from 4 hosted Exchange servers to Office 365. We were able to also consolidate and simplify their email environment making it easier to maintain.