Abtech Technologies Is Your Resource for Oracle® Database Consulting Services.

If your organization does not have the time or expertise to integrate an Oracle solution into your enterprise, troubleshoot performance problems, or upgrade the database, Abtech’s expert consultants will complete your project on time and under budget. With a team of DBAs, operating system experts, and onsite hardware engineers, there are very few problems in the data center that Abtech has not already encountered.

Our customers call on us to efficiently develop, design, implement, and administer any Oracle database application from designing and architecting new database systems to fine-tuning Oracle, to seamlessly maintaining large production systems. We work with you to provide reliable, scalable, high-performing Oracle systems. We are also happy to customize our services based on your needs.


Abtech offers the following Oracle Database Consulting, development, and management services

Oracle Development
  • Conduct a planning workshop to gather requirements for Oracle database design
  • Install and configure system hardware and software for Database and Apps servers
  • Setup, configure, and customize Oracle based on the requirement
  • Provide data conversion and migration
  • Provide integration and data testing
  • Perform documentation and knowledge transfer to IT staff
  • Provide ongoing technical support for Oracle
Oracle Project-based Consulting Our typical consulting engagements often include but are not limited to:
  • Software Management
  • Install and configure
Advanced Configuration
  • DR Replication
  • Oracle RAC

Resource Management

  • Create and manage tables
  • Create and manage indexes
  • Allocate and manage physical storage structures
  • Allocate and manage logical storage structures
  • Perform capacity planning
  • Schema design

Data Management

  • Data loads or unloads
  • Data integrity checks

Backup and Recovery Services

  • Develop backup and recovery strategies that are appropriate for the client
  • Manage and implement backup and recovery procedures

Security Services

  • User management
  • Role management
  • Password recovery/reset

For the last 26 years, Abtech Technologies has been providing nationwide database development, management, and maintenance services on a wide variety of server and storage products. Our objective is to give you excellent service and generous discounts off the OEM List price.

Our Value

  • Highly experienced US Based engineers based in locations throughout the country
  • Large spare parts inventory including the option to have spares on site
  • Flexible service terms to meet your needs and budget
  • System Monitoring and Reporting included
  • Support for Systems is no longer supported by the manufacturer

We have some of the most experienced engineers in the country, fluent in OS400, AIX, Linux, and Windows. Our field engineers are experts in IBM pSeries, and iSeries servers, as well as Lenovo servers and IBM storage.

If you are looking for hardware maintenance for your IBM pSeries, iSeries, or IBM Power server, please click below for more information.