Abtech Consulting Project Examples

New Business Processes

A large national defense contractor needed to set up a new research facility. They contacted Abtech to design and manage the IT systems. Abtech’s engineers designed and implemented the whole environment including servers, storage, firewalls, network, backup, and phones.  As users would be mostly from outside the company, security was paramount. The company was also keen to give the users the best possible experience so they asked Abtech to also provide ongoing managed services including a helpdesk so they could be sure that the users had someone to call. This is a classic example of the breadth of Abtech’s services. We were able to design, supply, implement and manage the entire IT ecosystem for this customer. 


A West Coast city requested that Abtech compete in a rigorous competition for providing backup and disaster recovery services. Multiple vendors submitted proposals, but after the interview portion where Abtech showed how our proposal included disaster recovery services for a minimal additional charge, a contract was signed in August of 2018. After assembling the custom-designed onsite appliance, Abtech worked with the City personnel to install the necessary agents on clients that required them and used agentless backups where appropriate. An initial seed of their data was created and imported into the StorTrust cloud. Since the initial install, Abtech has assisted the City with reestablishing backups after a data center move and server refreshes. We work closely with the City to be sure that their backups and replication work correctly. Periodic testing ensures that the backups will work should a disaster be declared and spin-up in the StorTrust cloud be necessary. If a disaster is declared, the City will be able to run in Abtech’s cloud while their site is repaired, after which Abtech will assist the City with returning their data to their site and re-seeding their systems. All these functions are included in the standard StorTrust cloud backup and disaster recovery agreement.