Network Auditing 2-22

Organizations need insight to effectively control their network and practices. Abtech Technologies can provide this insight by auditing the current health of an organization’s network security, access controls, current availability, and performance.

An organization can be unaware of devices in its network, causing many of these devices to go unmanaged. Over time these devices can become redundant or worse, out-of-date in both performance and essential security updates. These weaknesses, if not addressed, can result in an organization being unprotected in terms of data and network security.

Abtech Technologies can identify problems and provide corrective actions while working alongside your company to map your network infrastructure and identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Our aim is to make any problems easy to understand and fix them as quickly as possible through network security auditing. Our experienced team can pinpoint security holes that leave your network vulnerable to hackers, poor practices, and actions from internal employees.

Abtech Technologies can perform network audits to raise the level of network awareness and data security in your organization.

Companies that lack network experience or knowledge are in danger of future costs associated with repair or replacement network solutions. Abtech can provide essential network audits to confirm that they are working and create optimized solutions. Abtech can complete network security audits to bring awareness and health to your organization. This knowledge will aid in better decisions and bring success to your IT solutions.