My NetApp Storage will never go down, again!

An Abtech client, with offices across the US and globally was losing tens of thousands of dollars per day.  Why? 

Their NetApp Filer had failed, leaving their team unable to access critical data.  They immediately called NetApp who told them that their NetApp Filer was beyond the End of Service Life date. There only option was to replace with a new unit. This with no guarantee that they would still have their data.

They gave them one option – just buy a new one!

When a company is offline, the last thing they want to hear is a salesperson trying to sell them hardware!  Besides this, a storage refresh would have taken weeks to complete and cost tens of thousands of dollars, on top of what they were losing in production each day.

Instead, they called Abtech.  Abtech provided same day response to return the NetApp Filer to operation and put it under an Abtech maintenance contract.  The customer was back in business.

This allowed the client time so a refresh plan could be properly budgeted and a phased migration could be planned without any disruption to the company’s business.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, where your ageing Netapp filer is no longer supported, Abtech can help.  Better still, speak to us while it is still under Netapp support, so we can plan your migration to Abtech support and not risk this happening to you.





Abtech Marketing

Abtech Marketing

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