As organizations turn to digital standards there will always be concerns, consider the following.​

  • Are backups properly running?
  • Are my employees doing business-related web surfing?
  • Did employees clock in? Did they clock in onsite?
  • Are my offices online? Are the remote offices offline?
  • Are the phone systems online?
  • Is the exchange online? Are e-mails coming in?
  • Is my network slow? Remotely being accessed?
  • Do we have enough storage for data?
  • Are we receiving Microsoft updates?
  • Is our anti-virus updated?
  • Can we review security cameras?
  • Did our production servers have an error?
  • Is our warranty expired for our workstations?
  • Did my servers go offline due to a power outage?

Organizations typically delegate these responsibilities to a number of managers and IT personnel, but many of the above tasks can be automated with a combination of focused network monitoring and best practices.

Abtech Technologies can help you lower the overhead and cost required to monitor your network and provide a clearer view of your networks overall health and status. Automation and monitoring allows your staff to focus on critical tasks. We can monitor your network remotely and act as a trusted partner to ensure reports are accurate and clear.

Let Abtech Technologies guide your organization to an improved, stable monitored solution.

Protecting your business requires constant monitoring. There are many types of security monitoring for data, equipment, and overall management.