Need training on Microsoft Teams?

Abtech Technologies offers customized Teams training to best suit your organization. Discover how to stay organized, informed, and connected all from one centralized place within Teams.
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Collaborate with others in teams, channels, chats, calls, meetings, files, and much more.


Share files, view websites, watch videos, screen share, and use a huge variety of apps and tools.


Learn how to include vendors, contractors or anyone from outside your organization as a guest member.


Get more things done faster and with more group participation, in real-time.

Where Technology Meets Business Needs

  • Teams can be used on any computer or mobile device – including Windows, Apple, Mac, Linux, Chrome, and more.
  • Microsoft Teams is filled with useful features and tools to let you get everything done from within the Teams interface.
  • Need an app that is not currently available in Teams? No problem. Anyone can build an app in Teams regardless of experience or skill level.

If you want to optimize your team’s workload, start by learning Microsoft teams with Abtech Technologies.