Abtech’s Lenovo support model is designed to protect and support business-critical Lenovo servers and storage hardware. By providing support for Lenovo hardware well beyond the manufacturer’s End-of-Life declaration, we help our customers extend the value of their equipment.

We also offer Lenovo post-warranty maintenance which avoids the increase in cost normally experienced when the OEM warranty expires. Abtech Technologies offers a complete range of Lenovo hardware maintenance services backed by our skilled engineers.

We can provide substantial savings of 50-70% percent on Lenovo product families, such as:

ThinkServer® NeXtscale® FlexSystem® Lenovo xSeries®

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Our Coverage

Abtech currently maintains systems for well over 500 clients throughout the country. Many have been Abtech clients for over 10 years, through many product lifecycles. At each stage, they have called on Abtech’s engineers and consultants to provide technical input and recommendations. Often, we design the solution, supply the hardware, implement the hardware, and provide support throughout its working life. We have a strong Lenovo and IBM support team at our main offices in San Diego and Los Angeles. We also have field engineers based at strategic locations throughout the US, notably in Texas, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, San Francisco, and Connecticut.

Our Team

Here are examples of the specialists we employ to support our customers:

  • IBM Lenovo System Architects and Consultants to plan and implement solutions.
  • Local Lenovo field engineers, many of which have been trained by the manufacturer.
  • Level 2, 3, and 4 IBM Lenovo Support Engineers to troubleshoot more complex issues and support our field specialists.
  • Engineering groups focused on Enterprise and Small to Medium Businesses allowing us to focus on the unique needs of each type of client organization.
  • NOC and Helpdesk Engineers trained to provide remote assistance and troubleshooting.

For the last 26 years, Abtech Technologies has been providing nationwide maintenance services on a wide variety of server and storage products. Our objective is to give you excellent service and generous discounts off the OEM List price.

Lenovo​ EOSL

Replace or Maintain your Hardware – Abtech can help with both

Abtech is unique in the industry in that we not only provide hardware maintenance services for a wide range of platforms but that we also have established reseller relationships with the likes of Dell, EMC, and IBM. This enables us to give our customers a balanced viewpoint. In some cases, it is more cost-effective to put a system or storage array on Abtech post-warranty support. In other cases, we may offer better value by replacing the equipment with completely new and up-to-date hardware. Customers have the option to lease or purchase depending on their budget situation.


  • Lenovo Flex System x240, x240M5, x440, x280 X6, x480 X6, x880 X6 Compute Nodes
  • Lenovo NeXtScale x360 M5, nx360 M5 DWC
  • Lenovo System x3650 M5, x3550 M5, x3500 M5, x3850 X6, x3950 X6, x3750 M4