Is security your top priority?

Abtech Technologies offers a range of network security services and products that will provide protection of your sensitive information and will augment business continuity by assessing compliance and the overall security of your network.

Experience an all-encompassing security service so unique only Abtech Technologies can provide it!


Scans for viruses, files, and problematic e-mails. It can check emails upon arrival with the option of content filtering.


Completely screens e-mails before arriving at your network. Our service provides analysis and information on threats allowing you to access emails without the worry of being at risk.

Malware Training

Cyber attacks are a constant and evolving risk. Employees can be the weakest link in the security chain due to the lack of training and are often the biggest target for cybercriminals.

It is imperative to train employees on all types of security. Well-trained employees can be part of your security solution, rather than a risk.

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

Not only will we provide you with the right Network Security Assessment, but we can also consult on and implement any changes that need to be made. If there is a vulnerability in your network, it can be found, fixed, and continued to be monitored.

HIPAA Compliance

Using Abtech Technologies for HIPAA Compliance is the best choice for creating a solution that goes above and beyond the minimum requirements for compliance and security.

Your security solutions should be continually improved and updated, reasonable, and actionable.

PCI Compliance

Not being PCI Compliant can cause major fines, loss of customer trust, and cancellation by credit card companies. Abtech can review each requirement and instruct your organization on how to make improvements in detail.


Abtech Technologies provides best-in-class SSAE 16 audits for any service organization. It is important that you pick the right auditor; one that you can trust and one that will take the time to ensure your audit is valid and conclusive.

SSAE16 Audit:

  • Confirms that procedures, controls, and processes are operating as intended.
  • Satisfies requirements that most public organizations need to do business.
  • Creates standardized credibility.
  • Third-party evaluation and consultation of financial reporting.
  • Creates benchmarking to track progress.
  • Validates or removes the need for self-assessments.


Protecting your business investments requires an active approach as there are many components to a business that utilizes technology and may need monitoring.

There are many types of monitoring, let us help you decide what type is best for your organization.

Network Auditing

Abtech Technologies can do a thorough assessment and report of your network infrastructure. Click here to learn more!