Tier 2 Description

When you hire a tier 2 engineer from Abtech placement for a short-term or long-term contract, you will add a valuable person to your staff. All of Abtech’s engineers are both technically and personally of a high standard. Our tier 2 engineers provide more advanced technical support your company will need. They are capable of solving issues a user has and can also act as an escalation point for tier 1 engineers. Our tier 2 engineers will ensure the user is completely satisfied through proactive communication and provide rapid responses whenever needed.

Abtech’s tier 2 engineers can answer inbound calls, web-cases, and web chats as well as managing technical support tickets with hardware and software vendors. The engineers stay knowledgeable of client performance requirements and service level agreements. They also stay up to date with security updates and can apply them to systems as needed with minimal disruption.

Our tier 2 engineers can also help or manage IT planning processes and advise the company on where they should make investments in IT equipment and software.

Our Tier 2 Engineers Offer:

  • Strong listening skills and written communication skills

  • The ability to communicate clearly and succinctly

  • The ability to compose grammatically correct, concise, and accurate notes

  • The ability to plan IT refreshes and upgrades as well as integration with cloud technology

  • Expert knowledge of Windows 7, 10, Server 2016, 2019, Microsoft Outlook.

  • Understanding of Microsoft Exchange, active directory policies, and procedures

  • Is able to diagnose, troubleshoot and/or upgrade workstations, servers, and networks

  • Enhanced ability to interpret user’s description of the problem, troubleshoot and provide solutions, summarize and document the interaction

  • Has strong professional customer service skills

  • Knowledge of PC OS, Network OS, and server operating systems

  • Understanding of switches, routers, firewalls, subnetting, and network configuration

  • Basic knowledge of standard protocols such as SMTP, DNS, FTP, SSH, TCP/IP

  • Some experience with LDAP servers or web servers

  • Basic technical proficiency with email and the email infrastructure or web security technologies

Abtech Technologies has grown and diversified and is now a nationwide managed IT services and solutions company offering a wide range of IT products and services. Abtech’s focus is still on the datacenter, but we have embraced modern technologies, such as cloud and virtualization. We supply, integrate, and support all the major platforms on which our customers run their business applications. Abtech also protects the data and systems that are the most critical to their business with our cloud backup and disaster recovery services.