Is Your IBM hardware reaching End Of Service (EOS) -IBM Support?

It’s that time of year again….. What time of year, you ask?

It is the time of year that you are receiving (or not receiving) notifications that IBM support and service will no longer be offered to you and your company on a range of products. This is hardly ever good news because it means you will have to do something about it, and whatever “it” is, is most likely going to cost money… 

IBM sends out end of service life notifications for the following software and hardware models:

·         IBM P7

·         IBM S20

·         IBM JS21 blades

·         IBM RS/6000

·         IBM Power i5

·         IBM Flex

·         IBM P6

·         IBM Websphere

This happens twice a year. Effective EOS dates are usually April 30th and September 30th. Hopefully you do receive a notice that your software or equipment is reaching its EOS date. Usually they will give you a month or two to plan for it and give you two choices:

1. Upgrade to a newer version or release.  
2. Purchase a support extension
What they don’t usually tell you is that there is a third option that is usually better for businesses like yours:
3. Use a third-party IBM support company

In most cases, 3rd party support is a good option. 3rd party IBM support providers, like Abtech Technologies, can provide high quality hardware maintenance to extend the life of IBM products. Abtech Technologies has a dedicated and experienced staff that is very knowledgeable about IBM products and offer best in class software management and support. Abtech Technologies also has a large inventory of replacement parts for IBM hardware. 





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