I saved $150K/year on my NetApp storage maintenance!

One of the largest content translation services was growing exponentially, requiring massive amounts of processing and storage. They scrambled to keep up with demand for their services. They added hundreds of servers and dozens of SANs at their NetApp facilities to meet customer needs with little time to plan for systems integration and ongoing infrastructure support. Over time, they realized the support cost for this massive increase in infrastructure caught the attention of the accountants. 

They contacted Abtech for help. The cost of NetApp extended warranty support for their ten Filers (4x FAS6240, 2 x FAS6080, 2 x FAS6030) in two locations was more than US$250K/year.

Abtech provided as good or better support than NetApp for less than $100K/year, saving $150K/year.

While the annual cost saving made the financial team at HQ very happy, the technical team was about to be just as overjoyed. 

After several months of remote monitoring and performance analysis, Abtech determined that the Filers were not configured optimally. Abtech worked with client’s staff in multiple locations to reconfigure and relocate systems between sites, leading to a consolidation from 10 Filers to just 6.

Not only did this further reduce support cost by another $50K/year, but we also enhanced availability by configuring HA clustering on the Filers.

Over the 3-year engagement, Abtech saved the client more than US$500K, while reducing costs and enhancing availability. As an additional value-add, when the client closed their Denver colo, Abtech assisted in the relocation of Filers and handled the removal, data wipe, and re-purposing of hundreds of servers and SANs.


Abtech Marketing

Abtech Marketing

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