HPUX Administration Services

Remote HPUX System Administration

Simple, Flexible, Cost-Effective Solutions for HP-UX

Every day HPUX administration tasks should never get in the way of completing strategically important projects, but they always seem to. Abtech Technologies’ Remote HPUX Administration services offer an attractive alternative that reduces or even eliminates your organization’s need for on-site support staff by providing four levels of RSA.

Abtech’s Remote HPUX Systems Administration ensures that your servers will be monitored by people who know them best – our Certified System Administrators.

Abtech will perform proactive system admin tasks on a scheduled basis.  Choose tasks off our standard checklist or you can custom fit a level to match the needs of your environment or expertise of your staff.  


Abtech offers four standard levels of HPUX RSA:


Your enterprise systems monitored by our experts and advising you on system issues.

HPUX RSA Intermediate

The same expert service as RSA basic with remediation of events by Abtech system administrators

HPUX RSA Advanced

Critical system support that includes monitoring, remediation, performance analysis, advanced storage analysis, and system security analysis and advice

HPUX RSA Complete

Complete administrative duties of one or more systems

HPUX Systems Administrator

For the last 26 years, Abtech Technologies has been providing nationwide maintenance services on a wide variety of server and storage products. Our objective is to give you excellent service and generous discounts off the OEM List price.


  • Highly experienced US Based engineers based in locations throughout the country.
  • Large Spare parts inventory including the option to have spares on site.
  • Flexible service terms to meet your needs and budget.
  • System Monitoring and Reporting included
  • Support for Systems no longer supported by the manufacturer
We have some of the most experienced engineers in the country, fluent in MPE-iX, HP-UX, Linux and Windows.  

HP 9000

  • A-classs, K-Class, D-class, L-class, N-class, E,F,G,H and I class

  • rp24xx, rp-54xx, rp7400, rp 84xx and Superdome

  • HP-UX

HP Integrity/Itanium

  • rx2600, rx2660 rx2800

  • rx3600, rx4640, rx7640, rx8640

  • HP-UX, Linux, Windows

  • Superdome