Helpdesk, Managed Service Provider & Consulting

Resolve problems quickly so your employees stay productive

Hardware and software support is a phone call away when using Abtech Technologies help desk consulting and managed IT services. Simply call in an incident to get the process started. Abtech will create a trouble ticket for you then an Abtech engineer will either help over the phone or by remotely accessing your system until the problem is resolved.

Abtech’s managed service provider (MSP) program is both an integrated help desk and trouble ticketing system. Users and support personnel can interact in real-time to report, diagnose, and resolve problems. Depending on the nature and severity of the call, an incident can be escalated to an onsite repair visit.

The Help Desk is the most basic form of managed service and often it is all it takes to solve your problem. Why take a chance surfing online forums for answers that are often wrong? With Abtech Technologies as your Managed Service Provider (MSP), an engineer will take your call within 30-45 seconds. The appointed engineer generates a trouble/incident tracking ticket for the call, the resolution is expected within 20 minutes, or it is escalated to the next level of support.

Having Abtech serve as your first responder frees your internal IT staff from dealing with mundane or routine tasks, such as issues with MS® Office Suite, operating systems, resetting passwords, etc. Your internal IT staff can now focus on more strategic IT problems.

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We have some of the most experienced engineers in the country, fluent in OS400, AIX, Linux, and Windows. Our field engineers are experts in IBM pSeries and IBM iSeries servers as well as Lenovo servers and IBM storage

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