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Partnering to protect your critical IT systems and data from:​

Ransomware Attacks

It is almost impossible to completely protect your business from ransomware attacks.

What you can do, is make sure you can recover quickly if an attack takes place.

We have proven solutions that can have your business back up and running in less than an hour without paying any ransom.

Malicious Data Attack

When an employee or ex-employee decides to delete essential  data from your systems, it can have many implications.

This can range from loss of customer information to issues with meeting compliance regulations.

With the correct data protection measures in place, data can be recovered quickly and easily.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are having a big impact on many businesses and they are becoming more commonplace.

Our technology and services can support a disaster recovery plan and allow a business to continue to operate during and following a disaster.

This allows your business to focus on your staff’s well-being and the recovery process; without worrying about a production stop.

System Failure

Systems fail. This could be due to human error or something as innocuous as a firmware upgrade or bad application code.

Having a solution that allows instant roll back or having the ability to spin up a fresh system on a new piece of hardware, means that your business keeps on running.

Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA)

Get powerful data protection in a single appliance that is easy to deploy and manage — no matter where your data resides. The integrated appliance brings together protection storage and software, search, and analytics, plus simplified management and cloud readiness. The clean, intuitive interface of the IDPA System Manager provides a comprehensive view of data protection infrastructure from a single dashboard.

Simple to manage, deploy, upgrade and grow​

Customer installable/upgradable 2U appliance that can grow in place from 24-96 TB with no additional HW. Simplified management with IDPA System Manager.

Industry-leading performance​

High performance with up to 2x faster backups that traditional backup solutions and 55:1 average deduplication.

Efficient Cloud DR and long-term retention.

At the lowest overall cost-to-protect​

Protects up to 4x more data in one 2U unit and costs up to 80% less to protect. 3-year satisfaction and up to 55:1 data protection deduplication guarantees.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Abtech's 'white glove' managed cloud disaster recovery service for Dell IDPA. We protect your business against disaster.

Disaster Recovery In The Public Cloud​

Cloud DR allows enterprises to copy protected VMs from their on-prem IDPA to AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS, or Azure.

S3 Cloud Archive Service

Each IDPA includes Cloud Tier where data is natively tiered to the public, private or hybrid cloud for long-term retention reducing storage costs.

Dell​ Cyber Recovery

Protect Your Business, Protect Your Data​

  • Keep your business protected from risk of cyber attack with Dell Cyber Recovery
  • Secure Data With Dell Cyber Recovery
  • Take the necessary steps to keep your business protected from corruption and ransomware.

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VMware Data Protection

Automated, vSphere integrated high-performance VMware data protection, on-premises and in the cloud. With so many other priorities for IT and vAdmins, VMware data protection should consume minimum effort and resources. Dell EMC solutions meet this challenge. They provide automation, integration with VMware, and comprehensive coverage for the broadest application ecosystem, on-premises and in the Cloud. They also deliver higher performance, superior deduplication, and lower bandwidth usage, all at a low cost to protect.

Cloud Data Protection

Disaster recovery, long-term retention, and backup of applications in and to the cloud Cloud protection solutions from Dell EMC help customers transform their data centers to enable greater operational efficiency, resiliency, and scalability throughout the entire cloud journey. No one offers a more complete portfolio of hardware, software, solutions, and services for protecting our customers’ data as they embark upon their digital transformations to the cloud.

Cyber Recovery Solution

Complete Malware recovery, data loss prevention, and recovery against cyber-attacks.

Cyber attacks are on the rise. There is a growing concern that these hacks can lead to the destruction of mission-critical data. The impact of not being able to recover business processes and data can be devastating. Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Solution provides the last line of data protection defense against ransomware and malware attacks.

Dell EMC Power Protect Data Domain

The industry's most scalable, reliable and efficient backup appliance

Scalable, cloud-ready protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery. With Data Domain as part of your IT infrastructure, you can meet all of the demands of data protection. Conquer the challenge of protecting mission-critical data with modern protection storage and explore our best-of-breed solutions for your on-premise, virtualized and cloud computing needs.

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