Disaster Recovery — Back-up site challenges solved with DRaaS

Disaster recovery is a topic that every business should include in their strategic plan. It is an ongoing discussion. We should approach this problem from the point of not if, but when. Today’s business world has a lot to consider and as technology improves, business leaders face greater threats that could easily become a disaster. As grim as this statement is, back-up challenges solved with DRaaS are both affordable and comprehensive.

Disaster Threats that Every Business Faces

Natural Disasters — Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, fire, and whatever else the world can throw at us. We’ve lived with these as threats since the beginning of time. They are a viable threat. The question to ask is, “can my business survive if hit with a natural disaster?”

Human Error — Intentional or unintentional, humans make mistakes. They say “to err is human” and from time to time we live up to that saying. There are plenty of examples of disgruntled employees who have destroyed data. Understanding how data theft or mal intent affects businesses allows leaders to safeguard data and reduce the risk of data loss due to human activity.

Cybercrime — Cybercrime is huge. There is the ongoing threat of ransomware, virus, malware, spyware, and hackers. Anyone of those events could take down a small business. One of the questions that every business owner or leader should ask is “Can this business survive data loss.”

Ransomware is very active. In 2015, it became a real pest. In 2016, it grew even larger. In fact, it grew so large that California amended its laws to include ransomware as part of its existing statutes that cover extortion. This is the first law of its kind among the states. The expectation is that ransomware will outshine itself in 2017. The techniques that ransomware uses have evolved. You no longer have to click a link in an email. You can just be shopping at a trusted site and click an image or link for ransomware to lock down your computer. It is very hard to undo ransomware and if you do not pay the ransom, then it destroys your data, files, operating system files, etc.

Virus, malware, and Spyware all evolve at the same rate as technology. Dealing with any of these vectors requires an almost constant attention to updating antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware programs. It also requires that software installed on your system be updated frequently too. It helps to understand how all of these things fit together. With software, hackers and those people who design and write virus and malware use a variety of tricks to cause harm. One of the most common tricks is that they rely on aging software to gain entry into systems. That is why updating software is such a critical part of IT management. Without the security patches issued by software companies, all of these denizens would easily find a way into people’s computers.

Cybercrime seems like a hopeless and endless struggle. While it is endless, it is certainly not hopeless. It just requires the skills and talent to deal with it. That is why data recovery as a service (DRaaS) is important. It opens doors for small- and medium-sized businesses to manage the ongoing threats of data loss caused by natural disasters, human error, equipment failure, and cybercrime. Cybersecurity is difficult. Society has moved past the point where an antivirus program alone will reduce the risk of incident. Cybersecurity involves ransomware, virus, malware, spyware, identity theft, phishing, and a host of other issues.

Outsourcing data recovery gives business leaders access to professionals who live and breathe data recovery. These are the folks who deal with the emerging threats and handle the task of creating defenses that safeguard data.

Ten years ago it was sufficient to install antivirus. Today, you have to consider how time changes technology. We are past the point where we can install a program and then go about our business. Cybercrime has become so sophisticated that those people work to overcome security defenses. Without a constant effort to block them, your data is toast.

Can your business survive data loss?

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