Department of Defense

For over 30 years Abtech Technologies has saved many defense contractors millions of dollars as an alternative to replacing legacy information technology systems. We provide onsite and remote hardware maintenance, short and long-term projects for legacy operating systems and databases, and parts for end-of-life computer and test equipment hardware no longer available from manufacturers. In addition, Abtech can supply even the most cutting-edge IT equipment and deploy it quickly.

  • 24 x 7 Enterprise hardware support, system administration, and hosting
  • Cloud backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Consulting
  • IT Managed Services
  • Dell-EMC Solutions

Services Offered

  • 24 x 7 Enterprise hardware support, system administration, and hosting.
  • Cloud backup and Disaster Recovery.
  • Consulting.
  • MSP Services.
  • Dell-EMC Solutions.

For over 30 years Abtech Technologies has saved thousands of private and public entities millions of dollars.


  • Save your budget, not spend it. Less expensive than OEM maintenance contracts
  • Extend IT asset useful life and avoid upgrades due to end-of-support life
  • An extensive team of experts in legacy and current IT to help wherever you are in the IT lifecycle. Abtech can provide, install, maintain, manage, protect, migrate, move, dispose of, and replace multi-vendor IT environments
  • Experts in data protection and disaster recovery
  • Dell Gold Partner and Service Provider

Core Competencies

  • Onsite and remote hardware maintenance for HP, IBM, Sun, Dell, EMC, Network Appliance, Cisco, servers, storage, networking, hyper-converged, tape libraries, and other enterprise computer hardware
    • Only maintenance company to service HP1000 RTE hardware
  • Support, consulting, and short-long term projects for legacy and current:
    • Operating environments. Unix: HP-UX, Solaris, AIX; Linux (Red Hat, CentOS, Oracle), and Windows
    • Databases: Oracle, Informix, SQL
    • Applications: VMware, Microsoft products (Exchange, Active Directory, Azure, Office365.)
  • Supply, refurbish, and repair out-of-production IT hardware
  • Managed services and security for all operating environments
  • Backup, replication, disaster recovery, and cloud strategies for legacy and current environments with Data Domain, Veeam, Avamar, Rapid Recovery, AppAssure, and StorTrust
  • Ransomware, malware recovery with CyberRecovery
  • Datacenter relocation and asset disposition

Purchasing Vehicles

  • Navy Seaport NxG
  • NASPO – New Mexico, California, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah
  • MHEC – Oregon
  • DIR – Texas