Abtech Technologies offers a large range of Dell PowerEdge equipment for rent or lease.

Are you looking for Dell server rentals?

Abtech is the most appropriate option for you. You don’t need to go anywhere and don’t need to waste your time. Just get in touch with us.

We can save you 50 to 70% on Dell post-warranty server support.

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Our Value

  • Highly experienced, US Based engineers
  • Large Spare parts inventory including the option to have spares on site
  • Flexible service terms to meet your needs and budget
  • System Monitoring and Reporting included
  • Support for Systems is no longer supported by the manufacturer
  • Spare parts kit accessible on-site
  • For existing or end-of-life EMC equipment we deliver EMC maintenance
  • Daily observation to assure the appropriate functioning of remote notification
  • Remote monitoring 24×7
  • Proficient, vendor-trained engineers
  • For term contracts, 100% reporting of all components on the system

For the last 26 years, Abtech Technologies has been providing nationwide maintenance services on a wide variety of server and storage products. Our objective is to give you excellent service and generous discounts off the OEM List price.

PowerEdge Rack Servers

  • PowerEdge 2850, PowerEdge 2950
  • Dell R610, Dell R710, Dell R810, Dell R910
  • Dell R420, Dell R620, Dell R720, Dell R820,
  • Dell R720XD
  • Dell R530, Dell R630, Dell R730, Dell R730XD, Dell R930

PowerEdge Blade Servers

  • M1000e Chassis
  • M610, M710, M910
  • M520, M620, M820
  • M630
  • PS3000, PS4000, PS5000
  • PS6110-E, PS6110-X, PS6110-XV, PS6110-SPS, 6110-XS, PS6110-XV3, PS6110-XV5

PowerEdge Tower Servers

  • Dell T610, Dell T710, Dell T510, Dell T410,
  • Dell T310
  • Dell T620, T630