DellEMC Server, Storage, Networking And Software Support

Abtech understands that each organization is different and has its own unique set of business and technology challenges.

Our customized service solutions are designed around your requirements and budget. From a simple depot repair to an onsite engineer deployed to solve complex threats to your mission-critical environment, Abtech has the experience and expertise to make technology work for you.

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Why Abtech For Onsite Maintenance?

Professional Services and Solutions Beyond “Just Computer Repair”

60-70% off OEM prices

Experienced engineers near all major cities

Flexible spares’ locations (onsite, local, regional)

OS, database, virtualization, and application exTrts available

Benefits for your business

  • Use cost savings towards other IT purchases or pay increases
  • Fast resolution to down systems
  • Defer extensive hardware upgrades, even on equipment designated “End-of-Support-Life” by OEM
  • Communication during service calls
  • Access to a team of professionals to help at all levels of IT lifecycle

Flexible Maintenance Levels

  • Coverage: 7×24, Same Day, Next Day, Remote Parts
  • Response times: 4-Hour, Next Business Day, 6-Hour Call-to-Repair, Scheduled, Assisted Self-Maintenance

Supported Dell EMC Devices

Storage Hardware

  • EMC Celerra
  • EMC Symmetrix
  • EMC VxRail
  • EMC Unity
  • EMC XtremIO
  • EMC Isilon
  • Dell Compellent
  • Dell Branded EMC
  • Dell EqualLogic
  • Dell PowerVault

Network Hardware

  • EMC Connectrix
  • Dell PowerConnect
  • EMC Virtual Tape Library
  • EMC Data Domain
  • EMC RecoverPoint
  • EMC Centera

Server Hardware

  • Dell PowerEdge (PE)
  • Dell PowerEdge – VRTX

Converged Infrastructure

  • VxFlex

Other Services

DellEMC Upgrades and Migrations

Windows, Linux Administration 

DellEMC Software Support

Installation and Implementation

Hosted DR and Offsite Data Copy

Backup and Restore Solutions

Cyber Resilience Solutions

Leasing, rental, and sales

Virtualization, Microsoft Migrations   

Hardware Upgrades

Partial List of Abtech-Supported Dell EMC Systems



Early DellEMC servers (SP, XE, EL, XL lines)

DellEMC Generation 1 servers (2100, 4100, 6100)

DellEMC Generation 2 servers (2200, 4200)

DellEMC Generation 3 servers (350, 1300, 2300, 4300, 4350, 6300, 6360)

DellEMC Generation 4 servers (2400, 2450, 4400, 6400, 6450, 8450

DellEMC Generation 5 servers (1550, 2500, 2550)

DellEMC Itanium systems (3250, 7150, 7250 models (2001-2004))

DellEMC Generation 6 servers (650, 1650, 1655MC, 2600, 2650, 4600, 6600, 6650)

DellEMC Generation 7 servers (700, 750, 1750)

DellEMC Generation 8 servers (800, 830, 840, 1800, 1850, 2800, 2850, 6800, 6850)

DellEMC Generation 9 servers (850, 860, 1900, 1950, 1955, 2900, 2950, 2970, 6950)
Starting with the 10th Generation of PowerEdge servers in 2007, Dell has changed the naming for the server models. The names now generally consist of a letter followed by three numbers (ex: PowerEdge R710).

The letter indicates the form factor of the server:

C = Cloud – servers meant for could infrastructure

M = Modular – Blade servers and other items that needs to be mounted in a dedicated chassis

R = Rack mountable servers

T = Tower Servers
– The first number after the letter indicates the specifications of the system. With 1-3 being 1 CPU systems, 4 – 7 are 2 CPU systems, 8 can be 2 or 4 CPU’s and 9 is 4 CPU.
– The second number indicates the generation, with 0 for 10th generation, 1 for 11th generation and so on.
– The third number indicates the make of the CPU, 0 for Intel and 5 for AMD.

Dell/EMC PowerEdge Rack Mount Servers

R100, R200, R300, R400, R500, R600, R700, R800, R900

R110, R210, R310, R410, R510, R610, R710, R810, R910

R120, R220, R320, R420, R520, R620, R720, RR820, R920

R130, R230, R330, R430, R530, R630, R6220, R730, R730XD, FC830, C4120, R830, R930

R140, R240, R340, R440, R540, R640, FC640, R740, R740XD, R840, R940

R150, R250, R350, R450, R550, R650, R6515, R6525, R7515, R7525, C6225, XE8545, R750, R850, R950

Dell/EMC Modular, Blade Servers

PowerEdge 1655, 1755, 1855, 1955

PowerEdge M600, M605, M805, M905

PowerEdge M610, M710, M810, M910

PowerEdge M420, M520, M620, M820

PowerEdge M430, M530, M630, M830

PowerEdge M440, M540, M640, M840

PowerEdge M450, M550 M650, M850

PowerEdge M1000e blade chassis

Dell/EMC PowerEdge Tower Servers

T100, T200, T300, T400, T500, T600, T700, T800, T900

T110, T210, T310, T410, T510, T610, T710, T810, T910

T120, T220, T320, T420, T520, T620, T720, T20, T920

T130, T230, T330, T430, T530, T630, T730, T830, T930

T140, T240, T340, T440, T540, T640, T740, T840, T940

T150, T250, T350, T450, T550, T650, T750, T850, T950

DellEMC Storage



Data Domain
Symmetrix / VMAX


Dell/EMC Networking Systems

M Series/S Series/N Series