Backup Software

Quest Backup & Recovery

Quest Rapid Recovery (formerly Dell AppAssure)

Quest Rapid Recovery is the backup software of choice for StorTrust.  With its built in compression, deduplication, replication, and encryption, coupled with its ability to backup physical and virtual servers, it is a powerful backup tool.  Add to that features like Live Recovery and Universal Recovery and the ability to spin up virtual servers at a remote site or in the cloud, make it the obvious choice.

Abtech has a wide range of Rapid Recovery specialists who can analyze your IT environment and recommend the best solution to meet your needs. We can also demo and implement the solution for you

Quest NetVault

Quest NetVault is our choice of backup software for larger, heterogeneous IT environments.  It scales massively and is used by many of the largest global organizations to protect their data.  It’s support for a wide range of operating systems, databases and applications make it ideal for more complex environments. 

When partnered with the Quest DR6300, DR4300 or DR2000v backup appliances, deduplicated and compressed data, backed up using NetVault, can be replicated to the StorTrust cloud, for offsite backup or disaster recovery.

Abtech employs many of the most experienced NetVault consultants in the US, who can analyze your IT environment and recommend the best solution to meet your needs. We have successfully completed many large and complex NetVault implementations over a number of years. 

Quest Backup and Disaster Recovery Suite

Quest Backup and Disaster Recovery Suite combines the power of Quest’s 3 backup software products into a single solution.  Customers pay for the capacity they need and have the choice to use whichever backup software is the best fit for their requirements.  As an example, a customer could use: vRanger for virtual servers, AppAssure for critical systems requiring rapid recovery and NetVault to backup legacy UNIX systems and provide backup to tape.  If customers are in the process of migrating or consolidating their systems, they can switch between products when they need to.  It truly offers the ultimate in flexibility.