Quest Premier Partner

Quest DL4300

The Quest DL4300 is a local backup appliance which includes a Quest Rapid Recovery capacity license as well as Microsoft Windows licensing to allow virtual server spin up on the appliance itself.  Base capacities range from 5TB to 60TB on the high capacity unit.  Expansion up to 120TB is available using disk expansion trays.


Quest DL1300

Like the DL4300 the Quest DL1300 is a local backup appliance which includes a Quest Rapid Recovery capacity license, but it is designed as an entry level unit for smaller environments. Capacities available are 1, 2 and 3TB.  The 3TB is available with the option to spin up virtual servers. 

Both the DL4300 and DL1300 are compatible with StorTrust cloud services.  Using a DL1300 or DL4300 for local backup and replication to the StorTrust cloud, provides a complete backup and disaster recovery solution.

Quest DR6300

The DR6300 is Quest's flagship backup appliance.  It comes preloaded with Ocarina deduplication software which provides built-in replication capabilities as well as powerful compression and deduplication algorithms. Throughout of up to 29TB/hr is available with supported backup software, making it one of the fastest backup appliances on the market.  It is perfect for mid to large sized applications with a maximum usable capacity if 360TB. Allowing for deduplication and compression, the unit can backup environments of over 5PB. 

It is compatible with a wide range of backup software including Veeam,  NetVault, CommVault, IBM TSM, EMC Networker and Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec.  If you wish to use any of these backup products to the StorTrust cloud, we recommend the DR-series appliances.

Quest DR4300 and DR4300e

The Quest DR4300 is a smaller version of the DR6300.  Useable capacity ranges from 2.7TB to 108TB so it is ideal as a backup appliance for small to medium-sized IT environments or regional offices.

Quest DR2000v

The Quest DR2000v is a virtual appliance designed to backup remote offices to a DR4100 or DR6000.  It can also be used to backup small to medium-sized IT environments to the StorTrust cloud.  It includes all the power deduplication, compression and replication tools available with the DR6000 and DR4100 and is compatible with the same wide range of backup software products.