Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery offers many advantages over traditional Disaster Recovery. Large capital costs go away as do the concerns that the solution may not work should disaster strike.

StorTrust Cloud Disaster Recovery Services go further still.

We manage the whole process for you. From the initial seeding process, through the annual test, to a disaster occurrence; our engineers will take the lead. We take time to fully understand your environment and make sure you know what will happen if you need to declare a disaster.

Our Facility

  •    Tier 3+, SSAE16 Compliant Data Center.
  •    Multiple Power and Telco Providers.
  •    Highest level of site security.
  •    ​Main site is in Nevada with others planned.
Fully Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

Cloud Migration Services

You now have much more where you run your business applications. Many applications are now available as Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions which have many advantages:

  • You only pay for what you use and can cancel subscriptions you no longer need.
  • Keeping the application secure and up to date is the responsibility of the software vendor.
  • SaaS applications are often more accessible for remote workers.

In cases where SaaS applications do not make sense or are not available, it may still be preferable to host applications and workloads in the public cloud.

All this needs careful planning and execution. This is where Abtech’s Professional Cloud Migration Services can help. Whether it’s migrating your Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 or moving your Active Directory to Microsoft Azure, we have the skills to manage the migration process with minimal impact on your users. If you are looking to move a database application to Azure or AWS, we can help. We can also host your applications for you in Abtech’s private cloud platform. If needed, we can also provide specialist hosting for applications running on IBM pSeries, iSeries, or even HP-UX.

Hybrid Cloud

A modern business has a choice of where to run its business-critical applications. It needs to provide the best user and customer experience, whilst keeping costs as low as possible to maintain profitability.

Some applications are best suited for running on-premises, where they can be provided with dedicated resources at a predictable cost. Others may be better running in the public cloud where there is more flexibility to handle peaks in demand. Therefore, most businesses prefer a hybrid strategy. Hybrid cloud is the new operating model for IT and it offers many advantages.

Increased Business Agility

  • Application developers can focus on business needs and developing software features, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Increased IT Efficiency

  • IT can decide where to deploy workloads, guided by a combination of business and technology requirements.

Adaptable Architecture

  • When business priorities change, IT can respond quickly by shifting workloads without being locked into a particular environment.

In order to realize these benefits, you need a hybrid cloud foundation that delivers consistent infrastructure and consistent operations wherever workloads are deployed.


Cloud Hosting

Abtech can host a wide range of platforms including HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, and IBM iSeries. We provide a fully managed service with trained administrators and support engineers on-site to maintain your systems at all times.

Abtech Hosting Services

  • Dedicated Windows and Linux Servers
  • Hosted VMware Servers
  • Linux and Windows Virtual Machines
  • IBM p-Series and AIX Hosting
  • HP Itanium and HP-UX Hosting
  • SAP Hosting
  • Oracle Hosting

Simplify your IT management by using the power of VMware in Dell’s VxRail to control your policies, optimize your applications, and as a platform for your hybrid cloud.