Cloud Migration Services

In this technology-driven world, the security of your data is of utmost importance. The environment in which your data and company resources are stored greatly affects your security and maintenance. Abtech understands this and can transition your applications and high-value data from your on-site local data center to a secure cloud computing environment.

Abtech not only recognizes your need to have an effective IT host environment; but also provides reliable support with the added benefits of optimum performance, a flexible payment model, inexpensive cost, elasticity, and exceptional management.’

The Migration Process

The migration of your data to the public cloud requires a smooth and reliable path. This is where Abtech can jump in and make the transition easy for you by developing the right plan for your data. Migration to the cloud does not necessarily need to involve moving data from your local data center to the cloud. Instead, you could choose to move from one cloud platform or hosting provider to another. Abtech can help you develop the approach that is right for you.

Analysis and Planning

  • The reason for moving the workload.
  • What the migration should accomplish.
  • The amount of data that needs to be moved.
  • The type of cloud migration (public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud scenario).
  • The method used to migrate the data.
  • The time frame needed to complete the transition.
  • The cost estimate and projection.


  • Determine your business needs.
  • Opportunity discernment.
  • Create a hosting environment for the migration.
  • Test applications in the pilot environment.


  • Use of automation tools.
  • Convert code to cloud language.
  • Constantly monitor the process to ensure a smooth transition.

Post Migration Arrangement

  • Align the new system with the business administration.
  • Provide a transformation management plan.

From choosing the ideal method of migration to building a new strategic business plan, Abtech consulting services will help you throughout the transition to strengthen your business value.