StorTrust - A fully integrated, fully managed backup and disaster recovery service, without the capital cost.

We support

Multiple Operating Systems

Multiple Hypervisors

Multiple Applications

Our Facility

  • Tier 3+, SSAE16 Compliant Data Center.
  • Multiple Power and Telco Providers.
  • Highest level of site security.
  • Main site in Nevada with others planned.

Our Cloud

  • Fully redundant storage configuration on Dell hardware
  • SonicWALL firewall protection
  • Dell Cloud Servers for spin up performance
  • Supports VMware or HyperV as well as physical servers.

Cloud-based disaster recovery offers many advantages over traditional DR. Large capital costs go away as do the concerns that the solution may not work should disaster strike.  

StorTrust cloud disaster recovery services go further still.  We manage the whole process for you.  From the initial seeding process, through the annual test, to a disaster occurrence, our engineers are taking the lead.  We take time to fully understand your environment and make sure you know what will happen if you need to declare a disaster.


How it works


Local Backup

We backup your systems and data to a local backup appliance using your existing backup software or our software.

Data is deduplicated, compressed and encrypted while on the appliance.


Cloud Backup

We replicate your backup to our cloud. Data is compressed, deduplicated and encrypted, before transmission to our secure facility.

Disaster Recovery

When you declare a disaster, we spin up your most critical systems and provide access for your users.  The service is fully tested annually so you know you can recover when you need to.