Case Study: HealthCare eClinicalworks Application Upgrade

Abtech partners with Major Medical Center and eCW to reduce downtime, reduce costs, and enhance patient care.

I wanted to quickly jot a note to you before the evening was completely gone. We were wildly successful with this evening's tasks. I remarked to Abtech it’s lovely to have successful migrations like the ones that we’ve experienced this evening. We have a great process; my staff, Abtech’s experts, and eCW as a team did amazing. Again, thank you so much for your hard work, organizational skills, and attention to detail. I’m certain it is one of the biggest reasons we have so much success in what we’re doing.
Sr. SysAdmn, Major Medical Center


A major medical center had to upgrade their eClinicalWorks application. System downtime in a hospital is extremely expensive and problematic: patient care must continue 7×24, so manual processes are implemented during downtimes. This leads an uplift in hourly staffing costs during the application outage window, with difficulty getting those shifts filled, and reduced productivity.


Working together, Abtech, the Medical Center and eClinicalWorks utilized a unique approach to pre-configure the new environment, test, and resolve issues in advance that would otherwise extend the downtime needed for a successful migration. Abtech drove the project management and planning sessions, then migrated SQL in a way that eClinicalWorks had never seen before.  Abtech even devised a rollback if the migration didn’t go as planned.


Instead of the planned 24-hour downtime, the migration was completed in under 4 hours!. This reduced  reverting to manual patient data input, impact to patient care, and overtime costs.

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