Abtech Introduces Dell's Latest Data Protection Products

Dell Recently introduced a series of new products and enhancements to its Data Protection portfolio. This article details the main features of these products and explains how Abtech has already integrated them into our StorTrust Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services portfolio.


Dell Rapid Recovery (rebranded AppAssure)

This is a free upgrade for all existing Dell AppAssure customers with valid support contracts.  Key new features are:

  • ZeroImpact recovery of systems, applications and data across physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • Rapid Snap for Applications snapshots physical or virtual environments up to every five mins
  • Rapid Snap for Virtual offers agent-less protection of VMware VMs

The key away here is that Rapid Recovery offers both agent-based and agentless (Rapid Snap) backup functionality.  The agentless option is only available for VMware VMs at first release, although support for other platforms are planned with later releases.

This gives VMware users the option to choose the backup solution that best fits their environment. 

Dell Endpoint Recovery - Free Edition

  • Endpoint backup for single user Windows clients
  • Includes file deduplication and compression
  • Set and forget client device protection scheme

This adds free endpoint backup and recovery to the AppAssure/Rapid Recovery product for customers with Windows desktops and laptops.

NetVault Backup 11

  • Enterprise Windows client deployment manager with automated install for up to 1,000 clients
  • Multi-streaming capability to split backups into smaller, simultaneously executed chunks to increase performance
  • Restartable VMware backups so users pick up where a job left off

Dell DR4300e, DR4300 and DR6300 appliances.  

  • Faster DR series deduplication appliances with higher capacity.
  • DR4300e has up to 27TB usable capacity and 21TB/hour ingest rate
  • DR4300 with up to 108TB usable capacity and 23TB/hour ingest rate
  • DR6300 has up to 360TB usable capacity and a 29TB/hour ingest rate

This is useable capacity after deduplication and compression so these appliances can potentially support backup capacities into the petabytes. 

The new DR appliances still include free source-side deduplication, compression and replication as part of all-inclusive capacity licensing.

The DR4300e, DR4300 and DR6300 can act as backup targets for 16 backup applications:

  • Amanda
  • AppAssure (archive only)
  • ArcServe Backup
  • Atempo TimeNavigator
  • Bridgehead
  • CommVault Simpana
  • EMC Networker
  • HP DataProtector
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Microsoft Data Protection Manger (DPM)
  • NetVault Backup
  • Oracle RMAN
  • Veeam
  • Veritas Backup Exec
  • Veritas NetBackup
  • vRanger

The DR4300e entry-level box is a 2U enclosure with 12 x 3.5-inch disk drives available in 4.5TB (67.5TB logical) and 9TB post-RAID (135TB logical) capacities. A single 4.5TB or 9TB (raw) expansion shelf can be added

The DR4300 uses 2 or 4TB HDDs, which add up to 33 per cent more capacity than the previous DR4100. The 2U rack-mounted system is available in raw capacities of 18 and 36 TB. You can expand capacity with up to two PowerVault MD expansion shelves in 18, and 36 TB capacities, for a total of 108 TB usable (1.6PB logical) capacity.

The DR6300 comes in four configs, all post-RAID: 18TB (270TB logical), 36TB (540TB logical), 54TB (810TB logical), and 72TB (1.08PB logical). Four expansion shelves can be added, with the same capacity options up to the maximum useable capacity of 360TB.

StorTrust Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Support

The StorTrust cloud is fully compatible with Dell's new Rapid Recovery product providing a cloud replication target for any customer using Dell Rapid Recovery for local backup.  We also offer full disaster recovery spin up for Rapid Recovery in the cloud so users can keep working after a disaster occurs.  No additional software licensing is required.

StorTrust also offers a replication target for the Dell DR4300e, DR4300 and DR6300 appliances. Customers with DR appliances for local backup can replicate their data to StorTrust for off site backup. We also offer disaster recovery spin up capability for Dell vRanger, Dell NetVault and Veeam when backed up to the DR appliance.

For more information, please visit the StorTrust area of our web site or click on the enquiry form link below.