Are Your Servers Feeling Unloved?

It isn’t fashionable to talk about servers anymore, especially old ones. All the talk is around Cloud Applications, DevOps and Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

But wait!

What is keeping your critical business processes running? What is hosting that ERP software application or that Oracle database that’s allowing you to get your stuff out to customers on time, that’s making sure your invoices go out promptly?

Yes, that would be those reliable old servers that sit purring away in your datacenter, with a host of green flashing lights and the odd red light….

A red light!

There can’t be any red lights!

Unfortunately, there are. This is because the systems are still being supported by your hardware vendor.

Your IT team really doesn’t want to log a support call, because they will be routed to a distant call center on the opposite side of the World, where the phone will be answered by Bob. Well, he uses the name Bob and he is a level 1 call center support engineer. In reality, he has just joined the team and hasn’t had a lot of training. His English is OK, but he doesn’t really understand a lot of the technical terms.

Maybe your team was brave enough to make the support call and explain the problem to Bob. The vendor’s engineer turned up on site but didn’t have the right part in stock. Their SLA says “4-hour Response” – where technically they met, so they are fine waiting a week for the part, even if you (or your customers, or your boss) are not!

This explains why your servers are feeling unloved.

But there is another way, which could make you, your team and your servers a whole lot happier.



Abtech has been in the business for 30 years and has some of the most experienced engineers in the industry. They are all US-based and, when your IT team puts in a support call, they will usually be put straight through to their local engineer to diagnose the issue.

What’s more, we carry spares for all the systems we support. Enough spares so that the engineer will have the part on hand. In the rare event that the spare was just used and not replenished yet, it will be shipped overnight for next day delivery.

This is why many of our support clients have been with us for 10, 20 or more years, through several hardware refresh cycles.

They have also sought our guidance when refreshing their hardware, which we are happy to provide. Abtech also has partnerships with many tier one hardware and software vendors, so we can supply as well as support.

Too busy to do it all yourself?  Our on-staff consultants  can size, supply and implement new IT infrastructure, so you are in good hands. 

To top it all, our clients are routinely saving 50-70% off the annual cost of their hardware support contract. So, not only are their servers feeling loved, but their CFO is delighted.



Abtech Marketing

Abtech Marketing

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