Abtech Consulting Project Examples

Security Projects

Security Enhancement: Due to a growing concern in digital security, especially Ransomware protection, we decided to migrate Abtech’s customers to SonicWALL Capture Client. Capture client integrates multiple protection layers, including Sentinel One Capture ADP, and utilizes next-generation machine learning techniques. It also centralizes management since the clients already utilize SonicWALL Firewalls to protect their network.

FireWall Upgrade: An Aerospace firm contacted Abtech to help update their firewalls and create a secure remote work environment. After speaking with the IT staff, Abtech configured and installed a NextGen Sonicwall NSA replacing the out-of-support firewall. Secure remote access was provided by the Sonicwall Net Extender application. A secure FTP server was also configured as part of the project.

Endpoint Protection: An architectural group had growing concerns with proper digital security, especially Ransomware protection. Abtech decided to migrate these customers to SonicWALL Capture Client. There now afforded a greater degree of protection on many levels and a combined centralized management system.