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Abtech Technologies, Inc’s Sales Incentive Program Terms and Conditions Abtech Technologies, Inc.’s Sales Incentive program is an opportunity-based registration and deal closing program designed to target customers interested in using Quest products for cloud-based backup and disaster recovery. A sales incentive will be provided for new deal registrations with appointments set with new accounts (“Appointment Spiff”) that have never purchased StorTrust cloud backup and disaster recovery. The program will also provide a second incentive if that deal registration closes within the program period (“Closing Spiff”). Prior to submitting a claim form, Abtech recommends that all participants inquire with their employer to identify whether they are allowed to participate in incentive programs. After the Account Executive has registered the deal with Abtech and the meeting with the customer has been completed within 30 days of registration, claims may be submitted using the program claim form. By clicking the “SUBMIT” button you agree to these Terms and Conditions: • Partner Account Executives must register the qualified opportunity between January 1, 2018 and July 31, 2018 on the Abtech Deal Registration website located at: • Appointment Spiff: The first meeting qualification date and customer appointment must be set and completed within 30 days of deal registration. • The Appointment SPIFF will pay the Partner Account Executive $25 for each new channel registered deal and appointment set and completed with the prospect and Abtech Account Executive within 30 days. Customer must have budget available, and plans to purchase a cloud solution within six months. • The Closing SPIFF will pay the Partner Account Executive $100 if the deal closes within 6 months of registration. • Only channel initiated and registered deals from the deal registration portal will qualify for the spiff. • The deal registration must be net new to Abtech beginning January 1, 2018; not an existing registration or current deal in pipeline and not an existing Abtech account. Duplicate entries on opportunities previously closed do not qualify. • Employees of Abtech and their immediate family and household members are not eligible. • Abtech SPIFF Program is void where prohibited by Federal, state or local laws or company policy. Abtech will not be held liable if the Program is in violation of specific company policies or local country laws. • Partner Account Executives must submit their claim with the Deal Registration ID Number that found on the deal submission confirmation email. Claims must be submitted by September 30, 2018. • Upon receipt of the claim, Abtech will verify the participation criteria for the participant. • Upon verification, Abtech will pay the individuals via pre-paid Visa Gift Cards in USD within 60 days from the acceptance of the claim. • The individual who is submitting this claim form will be required to input the following information to qualify: o The deal registration ID, a unique deal identifier supplied to them upon approved registration o Reseller company name o Sales representative name o Sales representative email address o Completed W9 if a resident of the United States • Abtech reserves the right to modify the terms of this offering or to discontinue or extend this program at any time for any reason. • Abtech reserves the right to reject any deal registration or spiff claim. Abtech determination of eligibility shall be final Abtech reserves the right to make the final decision with respect to all eligibility. In addition to deals that do not meet the new account or registration criteria, Abtech also reserves the right to make ineligible spiff requests for customers that have recently participated in Abtech marketing events. • All terms and conditions of gift cards apply. • Abtech is not responsible for gift cards or other awards that are lost or stolen. • Participants in the Abtech SPIFF Program will not, for any purpose, be considered an employee or agent of Abtech. Participation in this program will not be construed as granting any rights under any Abtech employee benefit plan or otherwise. • In the United States, each participant is responsible for all Federal, state or local taxes. If you live in the United States and qualify and earn over $600, you will receive an IRS 1099 form and additional information may be required of you to meet tax obligations. Participants in other countries will also be responsible for any tax obligations as mandated by their government. • If there is a dispute between Partner employees regarding which employees should receive both or one of the spiffs, Abtech will ask Partner management to make the decision. Abtech will send the spiff to the employee or employees to whom Partner management directs Abtech.
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