Abtech Consulting Project Examples

Active Directory

A Southern California aerospace firm contacted Abtech to design, deploy, and manage a new research group that was separate from their corporate network. The network was built from the ground up including creating a new Domain and Active Directory structure to support 200+ users. The final design included 2 Domain Controllers, 5 Virtual Servers, 2 VMWare Hosts, Shared Storage, 6 Switches, 2 Firewalls, and Onsite Backup. Abtech has provided day to day IT support for this network and users as well.

A California Electronic company needed to upgrade its Domain Controllers from Windows Server 2003 and 2008 at two separate geographical locations. They were experiencing issues with replication between their sites. Abtech repaired the Active Directory issues and upgraded their Domain Controllers, fixing the replication issue.

A Texas Architectural company merged with several other companies over several years. The new larger company had three separate domains. Abtech was able to merge all the Active Directory Domains into one domain, while updating their Domain Controller to Windows Server 2019. The new Azure Active Directory Connect Installation synced their new Domain Controllers to Microsoft Office 365.