Getting Spam?

The Raducati Group, a technology market research firm concluded in 2014 that an average business user sends and receives a combined amount of approximately 121 e-mails per day. This amount is steadily increasing each year due to the rising number of startup businesses and system solutions that involve e-mail automation and other integrated e-mail processes.

Higher volumes of e-mail result in higher volumes of spam and malicious phished e-mails and more risk for your organization. Abtech Technologies recommends that businesses have their e-mail reviewed by an offsite service that focuses on e-mail spam solutions and continuity which will allow safe e-mails to arrive and ensures that a second security measure can be used should the mail server go offline.

Abtech Technologies recommends Proofpoint, the leader in Anti-Spam e-mail. As a partner, Abtech Technologies can manage spam filtering settings quickly and effectively on a global scale. Proofpoint uses its patented MLX technology which detects patterns in the amount of e-mail that arrives within an organization. This ensures that there is a lockdown on the messages that are unusual and foreign, with the addition of a large spam database to check against. Proofpoint maintains the effectiveness of stopping 99.8% of all possible spam while still allowing users to access their own spam account and setting unique rules for allowed and blocked senders. Proofpoint also offers day-to-day spam reports effectively detecting emails sent from distribution lists and aliases.

Abtech Technologies can help monitor your e-mails to ensure only work-related messages enter and minimize malicious attacks.