Abtech client success story: StorTrust

A client and one of Abtech’s StorTrust backup, disaster and cyber resilience clients experienced a Ransomware attack. Working together with the client, DellEMC and their application vendors, we were able to restore business continuity within hours.

Potential impact:

  1. Potential revenue impact: $1M/day
  2. Ransomware payment: $500K
  3. Negative impact to their brand and reputation

Timeline of recovery:

11:00PM, Saturday: Client declares disaster to Abtech’s 7x24x365 StorTrust recovery team

11:30PM, Saturday: Abtech spins up critical systems at our DR site

4:30AM, Sunday: Abtech restores datastore from Saturday’s backup

8:00AM, Sunday: Client changes IP address from on premise systems to Abtech-DR site begins validating remote access to applications

11:00PM, Sunday: Validation completed, and users connected to systems at Abtech-DR site, business continuity restored

8:00 AM, Monday: Client, Abtech and DellEMC begin forensic work to determine extent of Ransomware impact to on premise systems

8:00AM, Tuesday: Client determines on premise systems are unrecoverable and begins a full system rebuild

+4 weeks: Client, Abtech, DellEMC complete full systems rebuild

+4 weeks, +1 day: Abtech and Client begin restore of applications and datastore from Abtech’s DR site and validate

+4 weeks, +2 days: On premise systems restored and client changes IP address from Abtech DR site to on premise systems

+4 weeks, +3 days: Review of DR event, revisions to cyber resilience policies based on what was learned, documentation updated and scheduling of future DR tests on a quarterly basis


  • No loss in user productivity or revenue: 33 days x $1M/day=$33 million savings
  • No impact to brand or reputation
  • No Ransomware payment: $500K savings
  • No one lost their job

More information on Abtech’s total lifecycle support services here: Disaster Recovery StorTrust

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