Abtech client success story: IT Support Services

Abtech assisted an Arkansas-based Manufacturing Client with an IT systems refresh including systems requirements planning, design, deployment, and configuration support services including:

  1. Installation of 2 new DellEMC VxRail 5-node S670 solutions
  2. Connection to Client network.
  3. Configuration of DellEMC VxRail to create VMware hosts and storage platform.
  4. Migration of data from old infrastructure to VxRails.
  5. Project Management

Client’s benefits include:

  • 500% increase in systems resources
  • 50% reduction in operational expenses
  • Zero downtime for systems administration and patching
  • 999% availability with fault-tolerant, auto-fail over between locations
  • 100% uptime and protection from local disasters including power outage, flood, fire, and human error
  • Capacity to support business growth over a 3–5-year period
  • Enhanced user productivity and satisfaction

Services provided:

  1. Unpack and inspect hardware
  2. Rack, mount, and/or position the product & components
  3. Install and route power cables
  4. Install and route data cables
  5. Print and apply labels to newly installed cables
  6. Power on equipment
  7. Configure an IP address on iDRAC
  8. Configure remote VPN access
  9. Initialize cluster and assign all IP addresses
  10. Assist Client with network connections and join to Client domain
  11. Configure DellEMC VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus
  12. Configure HCIA Recovery Point for VMs
  13. Create vSAN Datastore
  14. Register Client to receive product alerts
  15. Set up service accounts for DellEMC support
  16. Knowledge transfer and documentation
  17. Migrate Virtual Servers from old hosts to new hosts
  18. Migrate data and applications for new storage
  19. Test and Document

More information on Abtech’s total lifecycle support services here: IT Support Services 

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