Abtech's​ Anti-Virus Solution

We keep your IT systems running so you can focus on running your business.​

Abtech Technologies recommends our ESET Anti-Virus technology suite, which is a combination of monitored Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software designed to counteract Malware and Ransomware. ESET maintains a stellar reputation and has earned the VB100 award from Virus Bulletin magazine, an independent certification, and a comparison of Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware.

By design, ESET checks for new Anti-Viral Signatures and Heuristic Data updates every hour. ESET’s solution is a growing database to ensure maximum safety and security within the workplace. Once a threat occurs, ESET is designed to automatically clean or quarantine it.

Abtech Technologies' virus monitoring solution can focus on the entire workplace, working in conjunction with ESET’s products.

Even remote users are monitored to ensure their workstations are protected. If a system encounters an abnormal amount of activity, Abtech Technologies will connect with the end-user to ensure their system is clean and correct any problems.

Managed Services

When you are running a business, managing your IT systems may be a burden that you would rather hand off to someone else. This is where Abtech Technologies excels. We provide round-the-clock security, system support, and managed solutions for our valued customers.

Abtech provides Managed IT Services in San Diego County as well as other areas throughout the country. Our range of managed solutions provides proactive IT management and support tailored to fit your specific needs. Our skilled engineers and consultants ensure your IT systems are running smoothly and your user’s IT needs are met, so you can concentrate on running your business.

E-mail Spam Filtering and Continuity

The Raducati Group, a technology market research firm concluded in 2014 that an average business user sends and receives a combined amount of approximately 121 e-mails per day. This amount is steadily increasing each year due to the rising number of startup businesses and system solutions that involve e-mail automation and other integrated e-mail processes.

Higher volumes of e-mail result in higher volumes of spam and malicious phished e-mails and more risk for your organization. Abtech Technologies recommends that businesses have their e-mail reviewed by an offsite service that focuses on e-mail spam solutions and continuity which will allow safe e-mails to arrive and ensures that a second security measure can be used should the mail server go offline.

Abtech Technologies recommends Proofpoint, the leader in Anti-Spam e-mail. As a partner, Abtech Technologies can manage spam filtering settings quickly and effectively on a global scale. Proofpoint uses its patented MLX technology which detects patterns in the amount of e-mail that arrives within an organization. This ensures that there is a lockdown on the messages that are unusual and foreign, with the addition of a large spam database to check against. Proofpoint maintains the effectiveness of stopping 99.8% of all possible spam while still allowing users to access their own spam accounts and setting unique rules for allowed and blocked senders. Proofpoint also offers day-to-day spam reports effectively looking out for distribution lists and aliases, effectively stopping E-mail spam concerns. Abtech Technologies can help monitor your e-mails to ensure only work-related messages enter and minimize malicious attacks.