The majority of third party maintenance companies tout their experience in one maintaining one vendor or another.  They all say the same thing: 10, 20, 30 years of experience; tested spares; local engineers.  Something is missing.

Maybe everything else is missing.

Network storage doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  It exists in an environment of servers, operating systems, hypervisors, HBA’s, and networks. Since NetApp = Network Appliance, it makes sense to make sure that your support company knows more than just how to swap out a disk drive so the amber light turns green. Like maybe the network itself.

In addition to the usual (experience, tested spare parts, local engineers), Abtech has what most third-party maintenance companies don’t: on staff system administrators that work all day, every day, in multi-vendor network environments.  When a NetApp filer has an issue beyond a hot swappable head and starts heading into networking territory, Abtech’s consultants can work with our hardware customer engineers to troubleshoot the problem and even fix it for you.

The result: better maintenance, faster diagnosis of problems, and increased uptime for you.